Office Worker Back Problems and How to Solve Them

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Office Worker Back Problems and How to Solve Them

Human bodies are not designed for a sedentary lifestyle.

However, in this technologically driven society, people often feel there is no choice but to spend generous portions of the day sitting in one spot. The age of computers has brought about a surplus of a lot of office-based jobs that requires employees to sit in front of a desk for at least eight hours a day!


At this rate, even the average healthy person’s back can take a beating from this low-energy lifestyle. Typically, this lifestyle leads to increased pain, stiffness and long-term problems. Science shows that the body is naturally designed to be active, and sedentary positions cause back muscles to tense up from supporting the rest of the body in a single stance for too long. In turn, the spine is also adversely affected.

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common work-related injuries. More often than not, back pain is caused by accumulation of stress from ordinary work activities such as sitting in an office chair or heavy lifting. There are generally two types of back pain:

  • Non-accidental injury, where pain arises as a result of normal activities and requirements of the task. Poor body mechanics (such as slouching in an office chair), prolonged inactivity, repetitive motions, and fatigue are major contributors to these injuries. This may occur from sitting in an office chair or standing for too long in one position.
  • Accidental injury results when an unexpected event triggers injury during the task. A load that slips or shifts as it is being lifted, or hitting one’s head on a cabinet door are typical office-related examples. These accidents can jolt the neck, back, and other joints with resulting muscle strain or tearing of soft tissues in the back.


The non-accidental type of injury is what kills our backs. Surely, a few minutes of slouching may not cause a huge back pain, but after having a hundred few minutes accumulated after a week’s worth of poor body mechanics, anyone can definitely feel the back pain kick in.

The easy-access solution for this is ergonomics. Applying ergonomic principles – the study of the workplace as it relates to the worker – can help prevent work-related back pain and back injury, and help maintain a healthy back. The goal of an ergonomics program in industry is to adapt the workplace to a specific worker, depending on the job description, required tasks, and physical makeup of the employee performing those tasks. These, can then be applied to the office equipment, such as the chair or computer keyboard.

However, despite many companies promoting ergonomic working conditions, countless employees still continue to practice poor posture at their desk, even outside the office. Aside from sitting all day at the office, people also tend to sit awkwardly in heavy traffic during daily commute, while eating lunch or during coffee breaks. All this just adds to the stress on the back, which could lead to long-term (and oftentimes permanent) damage to the lower back’s ligaments.

Additionally, living a sedentary lifestyle in general contributes to obesity. This is another cause which can consequently lead to undue strain on the back. The joints and muscles are not designed to endure extra weight as the years go by, and as the bodies are aging and growing frailer, people still tend to demand that they can take on more work. It’s a vicious cycle that is detrimental to the whole body.

And it all starts in the back.

The Macro-level Solution

To treat back problems before they even come, there are ways to strengthen them. Looking at the big picture, strengthening the back requires these basic steps:


  • Stay active. This is the most important thing one can do to prevent and/or relieve back pain. If possible, take frequent breaks at work and walk/jog during lunch hour. Once at home, overcome end-of-day fatigue by hitting the gym or walking the dog. In other words, avoid the TV and Internet!

Engaging in exercise and fitness activities helps keep the back healthy by allowing discs to exchange fluids which is how the disc receives its nutrition. A healthy disc swells with water and squeeze it out, similar to the action of a sponge. This sponge action distributes nutrients to the disc.

Exercising the back also reduces stiffness by keeping the connective fibers of ligaments and tendons flexible. Improved mobility through back exercise helps prevent the connective fibers from tearing under stress, which in turn prevents injury and back pains.

  • Have a discussion with the employer about minimal adjustments that can be done to reduce chronic pain:

This could include getting a chair specifically designed to alleviate back pain or an adjusted schedule to allow for stretches and an active breather from the cubicle.

Also, go out and make a personal effort to find ways to deal with back pain. If people can go out shopping for the best Trench Coats 2016 and the White Coat Black Friday Sale, surely you should be able to find a good deal on an ergonomic chair. Now, if it’s for the relief of back pains, it is important to be mindful of the best market for the best deal on ergonomic furniture, supported attachments and other back pain comforters in the market.

  • When pain is exceptionally bad, call a doctor. While rare, back pain can be a sign of something more serious. If your desk job causes serious damage to the back, it could be causing more damage to other parts of the body as well.

The Micro-level Solution

Here are the most important guidelines from to help make sure that the office chair and work area are as comfortable as possible, and cause the least amount of stress to the spine:


  • Elbow measure: First, begin by sitting comfortably as close as possible to the desk so that the upper arms are parallel to the spine. Rest hands on the work surface (e.g. desktop, computer keyboard). If the elbows are not at a 90-degree angle, adjust the office chair height either up or down.
  • Thigh measure: Check that the fingers can easily slide under the thigh at the leading edge of the office chair. If it is too tight, the feet should be propped up with an adjustable footrest. For taller people, the desk or work surface may need to be raised to give room for adjustment of the office chair.
  • Calf measure: With the back pushed all the way against the back of the chair, try to pass a clenched fist between the back of the calf and the front of the office chair. If this can’t be done easily, the office chair may be too deep. In this case, the backrest must be adjusted forward. If all else fails, insert a low back support (such as a lumbar support cushion, a pillow or rolled up towel), or just get a new office chair.
  • Low back support: With the back pushed all the ways against the back of the chair, there should be a cushion that causes the lower back to arch slightly so that the body won’t slump forward or slouch down in the chair. This low back support in the office chair is essential to minimize the load (strain) on the back. Never slump or slouch forward in the office chair, as that places extra stress on the structures in the low back, and in particular, on the lumbar discs.


  • Armrest: Adjust the armrest of the office chair so that it just slightly lifts the arms at the shoulders. Use of an armrest on the office chair is important to take some of the strain off the upper spine and shoulders, and it should make one less likely to slouch forward in the chair.
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How faxing plays a vital role in POS-dependent Businesses

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How faxing plays a vital role in POS-dependent Businesses

Faxing – particularly faxing through email – is a technology that is here to stay for a long while. Riding the technological revolution, the olden service has taken a new innovative twist to help both old and new enterprises manage their paperwork.

For instance, POS (Point of Sale)-dependent businesses like restaurants and boutiques keep track of orders and sales and have to ensure the security and viability of written documents. These integral logistic elements require a quick, reliable and effective tool to get the job done. In this case, faxing serves as a good option most of the time.

hand faxing

There are many ways that faxing is still a part of many businesses, and this just keeps the technology alive and kicking today’s advancements. With the rise of trendy businesses that help bridge past technologies to recent, faxing continues to survive.

The Power of Point of Sale Systems

POS systems are defined as “A computerized network operated by a main computer and linked to several checkout terminals”.

POS system

Basically, these systems allow you to monitor your business much easier. Inventory software programs that are currently in the market let you track usage, monitor changes in unit dollar costs, calculate when you need to reorder, and analyze inventory levels on an item-by-item basis. You can even control inventory right at the cash register with point-of-sale (POS) software systems.

POS software records each sale when it happens. This, in turn, makes sure that your inventory records are always up-to-date. Because of how intricate the POS systems are, users can get much more information about the sale than you could gather with a manual system. This is a highly regarded feature, since through running reports based on this information, you can make better decisions about ordering and merchandising.

POS systems are famous for allowing the analysis of sales data that you (as the owner and user) can figure out how well all the items on your shelves sell, and adjust purchasing levels accordingly. You can also maintain a sales history to help adjust your buying decisions for seasonal purchasing trends. Furthermore, you can improve pricing accuracy by integrating bar-code scanners and credit card authorization ability with the POS system.

There are plenty of popular POS software systems that enable you to use add-on devices at your checkout stations, including electronic cash drawers, bar-code scanners, credit card readers, and receipt or invoice printers. POS packages frequently come with integrated accounting modules, including general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, and inventory control systems. In essence, a POS system is an all-in-one way to keep track of your business’s cash flow.

cash register

POS system providers easily evolved to added services, and ultimately helped a lot of other businesses to grow as the technology advanced. For example, Ordersnapp provides services that can help restaurants sell their products somewhere else.

Evolution of Faxing

It’s safe to assume that people would always prefer the latest technology. Ron Resnick, Ordersnapp President, said that some clients prefer email, and some would rather get push notifications through their phones. However, a substantial number of OrderSnapp clients —somewhere between 30 and 40 percent, as Resnick estimated — prefer to have their customers’ web and app orders delivered through a technology that has been rumored to be extinct.

Yes, a lot of clients still prefer faxing documents.

Resnick said, “A lot of the smaller, family-owned or individually owned restaurants, there’s a lot of them that still don’t have Internet access.” Because most of these businesses are not exactly well-versed with the internet, or they never thought about having internet access, these small enterprises would choose faxing printed documents like receipts rather than starting out electronic in the first place.

hand faxing

Like many older industries – from law firms to medical labs – fax machines aren’t seen as “a blast from the past” but as an efficient, reliable, and mostly secure way to communicate. “Faxing has been there for so long, and they’re so used to it,” added Resnick. “It doesn’t cost them anything extra. It’s still a very good success rate with it, as far as them going through.”

Thankfully there are technological heroes in this time period. These are those programmers that respect the value of the previous technologies and gave extra sweat in merging the past into the future. Developers now aimed to bridge the gap between the era of faxing and the era of paperless documentation.

Thus, the birth of Phaxio, dubbed as “faxing for developers”. It’s one of several cloud-based faxing providers whose APIs make it possible to send and receive faxes without ever worrying about loading paper and toner into a traditional fax machine.

Phaxio lets its customers build faxing into their apps and websites with the same kind of APIs they’d use to integrate 21st-century services like posting tweets or sending email confirmations, without needing to think about the phone lines and screeching modems that make it all happen.

Think of it as a way for other people to have a head start in developing software, apps or programs that can further improve the quality of email faxing.

Moving Forward

As the bridge has been set for the previous technology to the present one, it is just a matter of time when the past one dies out. If not, the present one becomes much more favored.

fax buttons

Some of Phaxio’s customers are established companies looking to phase out their physical fax machines, and some are startups like OrderSnapp looking to work with clients in fax-dominated industries, says Phaxio cofounder Howard Avner.

Nonetheless, Phaxio’s customers don’t want to worry about the gory details of busy signals, line noise, and quirky old fax machines so they can focus on their core businesses. The company advertises simple pricing — 7 cents per minute for faxing to and from the U.S. and Canada, 10 cents for other countries — and volume discounts for users with more than 50,000 faxes sent and received per day.

Phaxio is just one of the few (and currently growing) companies that aim to bridge the gap between the modern Internet and the old fax machines. Hellofax offers the ability to send and receive faxes through the web, via email or from cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Gmail Fax through allows users to use something as simple as your Gmail address to fax in just a few minutes. A valuable solution that Gmail Fax pioneered is allowing the bypassing of complicated installations and even eliminating the need of a dedicated fax line. Instead, a Google fax number is created instantly online and helps a lot in the easier access of many documents. lets users send and receive faxes by email, through its website or using its API. Faxage claims that it processes more than 11 million minutes of fax transmissions every month. “Faxage measures and bills usage in minutes to make price comparisons with traditional phone plans simpler,” says EC Data Systems’ (EC Data System manages Faxage) President Christian Watts.

Many people have argued for years that fax has already overstayed its welcome. They claim that its continued prevalence is just the result of typical enterprise conservatism and older generations’ enthusiasm for the printed word and signatures inked on the proverbial dotted line. Then again, those in the digital fax industry point out that even businesses that have largely migrated records away from paper and aren’t otherwise tech-averse still find value in fax. “Companies don’t just keep sending and receiving all those faxes out of pure inertia,” says Faxage’s Watts.

As long as businesses grow and become more complex, fax is here to stay.

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How your hardware fairs with Google Fax Online

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How your hardware fairs with Google Fax Online

Communication has gone to a whole new niche considering the trending approaches provided by technological innovations. Your once big and bulky computer and telephone is now reduced in size and fused into a handy yet powerful Smartphone. It not only enables you to talk and text, but to also utilize the power of the internet on demand, rendering your craggy modem practically unnecessary.

The change brought about by technology is as constant and as frequent as every passing day. True enough, as time passes, the better it gets. This is further highlighted when major players in the world of technology such as Google provides pathways for a more efficient method in communication.

man trying to fax

Faxing. And the ease it brings is as astounding as it gets.

The manual faxing techniques have been improved with the advent of the internet. Ergo, online faxing services. This surprisingly unique service permits clients to oversee both outbound and inbound transmission of information, documents and records through fax. As such, the service has become more popular in the most recent couple of years, turning into the favored approach to sending and getting faxes online without any difficulty.

Gmail has made faxing accessible to be people with means of an affordable, faster, and easier way to send and receive faxes that reduce the machine related problems such as the jamming of the papers and a busy line. This communication evolution has various features that support the fax service, ensuring that it is beneficial for both business and personal correspondence.

With Google Fax, you are only required to have one account and an email fax service that will enable you to create the connection between your email and the fax server. This entails a virtual fax number that will enable you to receive your faxes via Gmail. This alternative mean to send out and receive important documents via Gmail has been considered to have numerous benefits in different industries through various vehicles.

gmail faxing

If you take a closer look, the method of online faxing is easy. You just have to follow simple steps like establishing your email account and finding your service provider to guide you through the process. Visit to get a guide on how you can get your Google fax number out to get you going.

Now, just like with any means of communication, one important question remains – what gadgets CAN you actually use when you opt for Google Faxing? Here is a rundown of how the current technologies on gadgets and devices match up with the service:

Printer/Fax Machine is the real deal

The ultimate device that fits for the job is its hardware grandfather – the fax machine. The ones which have been tested through time may not be used in this type of service though, simply because the processing requirements do not match.

A drawback of the use of old fax machines is the crudeness of faxed documents. Breaking down the science behind the olden device, a fax machine senses areas of black and white by shining a bright light onto the page it’s transmitting and using photocells (light-sensitive electronic components) to measure the light reflected back again.

fax machine

The photocells transmit when they see white areas and don’t transmit when they see black. In other words, they can’t distinguish shades of gray (or “half-tones”). That means a photograph or artwork sent by fax will lose much of its detail and may even become completely unrecognizable at the other end.

There are modern fax machines which are continually being marketed since most of these devices are built for multiple purposes such as printing and copying as well scanning. HP Officejet offers these utilities in one device, not to mention its industrial-level durability. For a cheaper machine, the Epson WorkForce 3620 provides high-quality printing with inkjet technology assimilated by wireless technology.

Comfort at home with your Personal Computer

Gmail faxing makes it a point to provide comfort and ease to every one of its users. Where else is more comfortable than using your desktop or laptop at home?

Fax solutions let you send faxes anytime you’re at your computer desktop, using any email programs or web-based email services, as well as from applications that can send its documents as email attachments. You can also create individualized fax broadcasts, sending one document to tens, hundreds, or thousands of fax recipients. Furthermore, when you’re away from your desktop, you can send your faxes through a convenient online form.

types of faxing

The easiest way to configure your desktop as a fax machine is to connect a phone line to your PC. Some PCs – especially older PCs – have a phone jack port built-in. This is to provide wired internet access in case wireless internet isn’t available. However, you can also use that jack to connect a phone line to your PC and use it as a fax machine.

If you don’t see a phone jack port on your PC, then you can purchase an external fax modem. External fax modems connect to your computer’s USB port and feature a phone jack port. They allow you to turn just about any PC into a virtual fax machine. Modems range in price from $20 to $80.

If you have an active phone line, then using your PC as a fax machine is free and easy. All Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 PCs have a built-in fax program called Windows Fax and Scan that lets you quickly and easily send faxes around the world.

Faxing can also be done in Apple devices. In fact, when it comes to online fax services, the majority of services work with an Apple computer. However, there are still ones (specifically with advanced features that require a user to download software) that may not have all the features enabled.

Connected fax and multifunction printer options that are compatible with OS X have become very popular – while Mac compatibility is better today than it ever has been. Users should check to make sure that any advanced features that are important to them are also available on the Mac version. Also, the general advice for people using Mac is to use email and browser services only such as those provided by Google.

Make it Easy with your Mobile

The most simple yet most wondrous device you can use when utilizing Google fax is through mobile devices such as your Smartphone and tablets. Why? Not only does it offer on the option to work while on-the-go, the applications in mobile devices pack up a lot of powerful functions and flexible features.

mobile faxing

In fact, there is a wide array of compatible choices of applications in mobile devices. In Android, Popcompanion is available on Marketplace for free. What’s more is that there is free trial! If you need to send faxes from Android regularly or receive faxes to your personal fax number, just like any other application, you need to upgrade in for more flexibility in its functions.

Another example is the eFax which offers a “free fax app” for subscribers that actually require a $14-$17 per month subscription. If you actually need to send quite a few faxes, this may be a good option.

On the other hand, iPhone users get to enjoy the same amazing applications. When you search for “fax” on the App Store, you can find quite a few options. At best, you can find apps that offer a total of five free faxed pages before they want money. Fax Burner , the top app for “fax” on the iOS app store, offers five pages to fax, all for free.

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The Unsung Benefits of Faxing to the Healthcare Industry

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The Unsung Benefits of Faxing to the Healthcare Industry

Faxing is still a viable tool for communication, and it’s still important today. There’s more to faxing scanned documents through email than what you might think.

The world is on a fast track in terms of technological advancement – more and more facets of our daily lives have been (and are still being) transformed into electronics. With it comes many paperless transactions, where the transfer of information is faster, more efficient, and cheaper in different ways.


These advancements have not excluded various documentation that activities that different businesses entail – from financial statements to legal documents, even newsletters. It only takes a matter of time when more sensitive facets such as healthcare gets affected. Though it is far beneficial and more cost-effective, the electronic database of health records faced a grueling challenge when files from the past had to be studied to help the present.

This is now when the power of fax comes into play.

Government regulations are driving healthcare organizations to adopt electronic health records (EHR) systems. When many labs, pharmacies, doctors’ practices and insurance companies still rely on faxed documents, many platforms such as and the more generic – but still extremely reliable – Gmail through started to resurface.

Their aim? Make faxing a better experience.

The Push to EHR

Most healthcare organizations are being driven by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) to adopt EHR and electronic medical records (EMR) systems, which requires them to store and transmit health information electronically.


Another push is resulting from the Meaningful Use provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which offers financial incentives to healthcare providers that not only implement EHR technology, but also demonstrate the use of EHR technology in quantifiable or qualitative ways.

Behind both these initiatives is the goal of reducing errors, making data and records more readily available, providing improved doctor-specialist-patient collaboration, and automating processes such as e-prescribing to reduce costs and time.

The Challenge to Faxing

Despite the practical and financial benefits of moving to e-records, some healthcare organizations are still facing a lot of challenges. Whether due to size, cost or resource limitations, transitioning from hard copy to soft copy is still a struggle. For instance, a general practitioner’s office may be able to electronically send patient data from their office to a specialist doctor’s practice, but their software does not enable them to transmit a patient’s prescription to the pharmacy except via printing.

In addition, some organizations believe it is too costly to integrate modern technological advancements into their office processes and systems. The perception is that they lack not only the financial resources but also the IT staff to implement this technology.

The reverse holds true as well; many organizations have gone paperless, but they deal with other medical providers who still require faxed documents. For example, some small pharmacies require a hard copy of medical prescriptions, or an insurance billing department may request that a doctor show a black-and-white copy of medical records for reimbursement purposes.

All these things considered, the bridge of the past technology into the modern advancement is as simple as faxing.

nurse faxin

No matter where your healthcare organization is in terms of moving away from paper documents, it’s important to address these challenges. As the push to e-records continues, how do healthcare organizations actually collaborate with other health providers without a flexible, integrated, electronic system?

Advancement in Faxing as well

Fortunately, faxing has also upped its game so it can keep pace with today’s technology. Many applications, providers (such as Gmail), and even dedicated fax servers are already in existence.

As such, GFI faxmaker enables users to quickly and easily send, receive and manage fax communications from their desktops. With faxes composed in a word processor (or other application) or created via email (commonly known as “email-to-fax”), numbers can be selected from the email client’s address list or entered manually. As a result, end-to-end fax communication process is shorter, more efficient and more organized.

man and woman nurs

The most significant benefit of a fax solution is the ability to electronically transmit documents, and hence comply with HIPAA and qualify for incentives stipulated under the Recovery Act. With the right solution, healthcare organizations can finally, and truly, go paperless – cost-effectively and effortlessly.

An integrated fax server enables an organization to send faxes from any application that has a print function, without any customization necessary. Instead of physically printing a prescription for a patient, a doctor can click print-to-fax and have the Rx transmitted through their fax server.

In addition, an integrated solution can route incoming faxes to one or several folders on the organization’s network, from which they can be imported into EHR applications. A perfect example of this integration is when an orthopedist sends an X-ray image to the patient’s primary care physician; it arrives in a network folder or email inbox in electronic format, such as a PDF or TIF. In the end, it can then be transferred or appended into the patient’s record.

Medical practices, lab offices, and other healthcare organizations can also save costs. An integrated solution reduces the need to print on paper, which in turn reduces toner and machine maintenance costs. Also, the reduction of paper can also save real-estate space, in terms of the need for stored documents.

A less tangible yet substantial form of savings is the increase in productivity. The need for more printing, punching in fax numbers, waiting to see if the fax goes through, or walking away from the fax only to find later the document was never sent have all been eliminated by the technology.

The Ease of Faxing Today

Nowadays, you can send fax from providers such as GFI Faxmaker or the easier-to-access and freeware Google Mail. Thanks to third party services that link your account to a virtual number, you can turn your computer or smartphone into a digital fax machine.  These “email fax services” let you send a fax as if it was an email, making it very easy to make the jump to online faxing.


Through Gmail, faxing is a very simple process. As a matter of fact, it is very similar to traditional emailing but with a few differences, mainly that: a.) The fax number is entered on the TO field, b.) the fax contents are attached to the email, c.) The MESSAGE field is the cover page.

All you need to start faxing is to scan a document, go to and follow these steps by (

STEP 1.  Enter your Gmail account, and click on the COMPOSE button to start creating a new email.

STEP 2.  On the TO field, enter the desired fax number followed by “”.  Here, replace with the domain given by your fax provider.  As an example, you would send a fax using eFax like this:

Please refer to your service’s welcome email or Help section to learn which domain to use.

STEP 3.  Enter the message you want to appear on the cover page using either the SUBJECT or the MESSAGE field.

STEP 4.  Attach the document you wish to fax.  You can pick from different common file types such as DOC, TXT, XLS, JPG, BMP and TIFF.  Some services provide a wider range of file compatibility than others.


You can either upload these documents from your computer or pull them directly from your Google Drive account, using the Drive icon located next to the paper clip.

STEP 5.  Now your fax is composed and ready to be sent.  To complete the process just press the SEND button.

If faxing was easy before, it is a lot easier now. As everyone face the halfway point where the past and the future technology meets, the way for the much-valued hard copies of the past can now transcend into the more reliable soft copies of the future.

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A Game of Phones: Mobile Brands in Westeros

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A Game of Phones: Mobile Brands in Westeros

As always, it’s quite exciting to see what will unfold in the current season of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Presently in its sixth season, the medieval-themed fantasy based on George R.R Martin’s novels took television by storm when it first aired in 2011. And now, it’s on a relentless charge towards its highest ratings since its debut.

daenerys targaryen with a baby dragon on her shoulder

Game of Thrones (or GoT for those who are fond of abbreviation) is a fictional manifestation highlighting what people will do for power, as well as an in-depth look into human psychology. Strikingly characterized by a mix of sex, nudity, violence, adventure, and gore, the book adaptation has captivated a huge, worldwide audience. With a dose of hierarchical and feudal conflict, the series generates impressivley powerful dramas in its storyline. Each family in the GoT world wants the absolute power to reign and rule over the others. It doesn’t get much more dramatic than that.

Come to think of it, this awe-inspiring fiction has a striking resemblance to real human history. According to the books, human societies have been built around the never ending battle for power and rule. In today’s world, huge corporations have built their strongholds in order to dominate the Earth’s inhabitants (perhaps not quite as dramatic as that, but you get the point!)

Companies constantly look at other companies in order to compare their strengths and weaknesses. Their need to be more advanced than each other in practically every aspect has grown at an exponential rate. Smaller companies get in on the “battle”, too, by constantly comparing the goods and services that we use every day. I came upon a great example of this while looking for new options for hosting my wordpress blog the other day: good WordPress hosting comparison. An article that, to some people, might seem mundane is actually a vivid example of the constant back and forth between “warring” companies.

It can certainly be said that the 21st century has become witness to the constant battle of computers, gadgets and mobile devices. The technological revolution has simply created a modern form of an old conflict.

game of thrones symbols

Having that established, the war-filled setting of the world of Westeros seems all too familiar. Entire families being exiled. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.. It’s a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

Similarly, when a big mobile company begins to die out, a smaller company might realize its luck and decide to capitilize on the situation. It’s almost as if it’s…. a Game of Phones? I know, I cringed even while writing it, but bear with me.

The Starks: Microsoft

“Winter is Coming” utters the wardens of the North. The Starks are an old and hardy family. Their stony disposition has earned them a name in the world of Westeros. They may have made many friends, but they have made more enemies. Then again, they probably knew that would happen from the beginning.

a meme of eddard stark

Microsoft has been in both the top and bottom of the mobile arena in recent years. Being one of the super powers in the computer world in the last decade, it has undoubtably been an arduous climb to the coveted top of the list in the mobile scene. Microsoft has launched the Windows Phone in 2010 to target the expanding mobile market, but problems have paved a painful path along the way. As the Starks try to keep themselves afloat, Microsoft is trying to do the same.

The brand has expended a large amount of money and effort to introduce and market the Microsoft Lumia series, but have had a hard time gaining the total success they were hoping for.

It seems to be fate that winter has come for Microsoft (at least for their mobile phone branch.)

The Greyjoys: Sony

In the distant lands of Pyke lie the great and proud Greyjoys. Having been in existence for many years, the family controls a sizable naval force that boasts warships of different sizes, ready to seize and control the seas. Their problem: their opponents fight on the mainland. The same can be said for Sony.

The company is, obviously, one of the big players in the market for other electronic devices, but they actually fall short in terms of mobile phones. Sure, they do have the Sony Xperia, one of the highest performing phones on the market today.

a lineup of four sony phones

When it comes to to carving out a swathe of land in Westeros, however, the Greyjoys lack the land power needed. In the same way, Sony lacks advertisement in other parts of the world where they could have potentially sold more.

In today’s competitive corporate scene, the better the advertisement, the better the sales. Unfortunately for them, their ads have led them astray.

The Arryns: ZTE

When ZTE exploded in the market, one could say that they managed to do relatively well in sustaining their brand. The industry would show that they actually did a magnificent job in the beginning. Upon closer inspection, however, ZTE seems to be playing a little too safe.

The Arryn’s of the Vale are the same way. The family is a major-name house with the Eyrie as their stronghold. They choose to be surrounded by the mountains which keep them secure. The family and their knights have become comfortable and archaic. The same goes for ZTE.

ZTE may have the upper edge on its wireless solutions versus its competitors, but their mobile design is not as exciting and user-engaging as their powerful competitors.

The Arryn words “As high as honor” is an ironic description of the company.

The Martells: LG

Dwelling in the deserts of Sunspear, the Martells are a family with exoticism imbued into their name. They are bold, passionate, and adventurous, much like what LG is striving to be at the moment.

LG’s latest venture on the mobile scene is manifested with the LG V10, competing in the market with its high end Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 Processor and backed with 4GB RAM. Thanks to their avid advertising, the company has interacted with a wider audience than ever before.

a meme of a game of thrones character

In the United States alone, the new mobile device has drawn a large crowd, selling a whopping 450,000 in 45 days after its launch.

Hear it clear, hear it loud! “Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken.”

The Tullys: Huawei

The lords of the Riverrun pride themselves on swimming across the current, all the while ensuring that they protect their family, duty and honor. Backed by its P9 Plus and seamless design, Huawei apparently intends to swim across the current as well.

Huawei ranked 5th in the most popular and best selling mobile devices today – and for a good reason. It may come as a surprise that they established themselves as such. One word: partnerships. Like the partnership of the Tullys and the Starks, the company has perfected the art of collaborations in the field of telecommunications. In fact, both its services and products have been sold in over 140 countries because they currently attend 45 of the world’s 50 largest telecom operations on the globe.

Now that’s a fruitful marriage!

The Tyrells: Lenovo

The Tyrell’s have a huge amount of wealth. Their family resides in High Garden in the lands of the Reach, where bountiful harvests have made them extremely prosperous. They never stop increasing their power, because they use these resources to strengthen their army. For that, they receive a great amount of respect among the people of Westeros.

Lenovo shares the same amount of wealth as the Lords of High Garden. Known for their large scale computer brand all over the world, Lenovo has now targeted the mobile arena with vicious intent – and they are not stopping. Since 2011, the brand has made a shuffle within the mobile business. Ranked 4 in the world for sales in the mobile division, this company is actually the largest personal computer vendor based on total unit sales. Not to mention landing Kobe as one of their advertisers.

Lenovo’s latest venture, the Lenovo K900, is a testament to their relentless drive to be at the top of the food chain. Refined and powerful with its Dual Core Intel Atom processor and 5.5” HD display, the mobile company is focusing on yet another reshuffle on the world rankings.

Now that’s ‘Growing strong’, indeed!

The Lannisters: Apple

The Lannister’s of Casterly Rock play a major role in most of the conflicts in the world of Westeros, and that’s for good reason. The influential family has the power of significant wealth mined from the depths of the lands they call home.

SE stands for samsung ending meme

Tim Cook’s Apple has dominated the mobile arena. The magnificent brand has penetrated the technological scene in a multitude of ways, rooting from its innovative designs and even more innovative way of advertising. Thanks to an effective synergy within the company, the brand has landed number 2 in world sales (just below Samsung).

Apple’s latest product line, the iPhone SE, solves the demands for a cheaper iPhone to be sold mostly in third world countries. The latest Apple offering creates a wide range of possibilities with its A9 Chip processor with retina display and a camera that suits the exquisite brand.

a lineup of iPhones

The words of the Lannister’s, “hear me roar”, fits perfectly with the mobile phone giants endless possibilities.

The Baratheons: Samsung

The lord of the Stormlands, the Baratheons have fought with grit to retake the Iron Throne. With their explosive and warring behavior, it is only suitable to have them as the rulers of Westeros. “Ours is the fury”, they like to say.

apple who? GoT meme

Samsung displayed the same kind of fury when it toppled Apple as the king of the mobile world. The heated rivalry caused the company to reinvent themselves over and over, using different technologies to finally outsell their number one competitor. As part of their reinvention scheme, the number 1 ranked brand in sales released its latest venture called Samsung S7 Edge . The product features a high-powered Octacore processor and a 12MP camera with water proof 5.1” Flat Quad HD Display which, by most accounts, is the best in the market as of late.

samsung headquarters

On its first month of release, the new Samsung mobile phone, fronted by the latest Android OS, has outsold Apple by a huge disparity in Asia and Europe. Not to mention outselling its previous S6 model. The phone was projected by many mobile users to “smash expectations” in the coming months.


The world of GoT has been a trending topic over the course of its existence. Each episode in the sixth season creates an extension of reality as they test the patience of each fan around the globe. The same thrilling encounter can be felt when these giant phone companies fight over the mobile market for supremacy.

The world is now merely a witness to the Game of Phones.

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What Your iPhone Apps Say About You

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What Your iPhone Apps Say About You

What Your iPhone Apps Say About You

Let’s face it, you love your iPhone. Almost romantically, you dress up your device with protective covers, fancy phone cases, and brand it with your own unique imprints. In fact, you love your iPhone so much you can’t even leave the house without it.

You just can’t even.

iphone at night

In a society where practically everyone’s day begins face-to-face with a mobile device, why wouldn’t you feel compelled to garnish your phone?

Today, each days ends with the silent fading of bright screens that man has somehow mixed into a necessary category of life in an socially acceptable concoction. Since mobile technology has now become an integral part of your daily life, it now has the power to evolve you… into a digital extension of who you are.

And that’s just the thing about evolution — Before you know it, it’s already happening.

In the 21st century, the mobile phone is the new a tell-tale sign of your inner being.  Before, people could tell who you are by what you eat, what you do with your time, and who your friends are. Now, the new answers lie in your technology.

You Are What You App

Whether you like it or not, your iPhone can reveal an impressive amount of who you are based on your apps alone. Here are the most common categories we’ve found.

The Traveler

iphone at night

One of the major trends in today’s mobile application scene is the use of GPS, or “global positioning system”.

Your phone is filled with navigational applications like Waze and Google Maps to help guide you in your journeys. If you travel internationally, we’re sure you’re aware of the importance of currency conversion, so you probably have apps like Converter Plus and Evernote to keep track of all things you need to remember.

Of course in that mix, you also have UBER, Lyft, or both to help you get from point A to point B with ease.

If you’re one to wine and dine while traveling, you keep apps like FourSquare in your device to help you locate the best places to unwind while away.

What you probably also have is a mean set of photography skills. And we’re not talking the snap-and-go type of skills either… Your photos matter. Your PicsArt and VSCO and Camera+ apps are always on hand for editing. Your keen sense of fun and adventure makes you the kind of person who is fun to be with when everyone decides to go for that once in a lifetime road trip!

The traveler in you simply shows how much you love experiencing life as it comes.

The Productive Businessman (or Woman)

Aside from having Entrepreneur Daily and LinkedIn applications in the quick tabs of your iPhone, you have tons of office apps ranging from Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Excel for you on-the-go financial reports, to HotSchedules for employee scheduling, talent sourcing, and task management.


You’re always on top of everything in your professional life. You simply fancy mobile apps that have anything to do with creating documents, collaborating and analyzing and tracking. Your applications are more likely to be the ones featured or advertised over the web. You open your doors to additional features and updates (even if it costs you more) just to have the next best thing, making your life a little more organized.

You value interactivity, time and presentation so much that you have to make sure everything is within reach. If you company website needs an update, a quick access to the WP Hosting Hub to check out the best options should be a breeze through your iPhone. If you need to keep ALL your lines of communication open, you have Viber, Slack, Blue Jeans and Skype.

The bottom line is you need to be plugged in to your business 24-7.

The Musically Inclined

The world feels much better with your earphones on. Music brings comfort to your soul, and the dazzling lights of your inner mind turns on with its beat and melody. Generally, number one and two on your apps list is Spotify Music and iMusic.

If you’re sentimental type, with your ragged look and free flowing spirit, you might have Tabs and Chords by Ultimate Guitar and Garageband in your list. If you’re the raving, mix and match type of person, you would have something like DJay2 for iPhone or Traktor DJ when creativity takes you.

listenting to music

When the singer’s soul got a hold of you while picking you nest app, you might have landed on SoundCloud, and added it to the list. You keep the passion burning with Sing Karaoke and Songify (both by Smule) to reassure the singer in you.

Through you and your iPhone, the world might just be a little more serene with your passion for music.

The Social Networker

You have an account (or two) in practically on every social media application made by man. Your apps line-up includes the famous Facebook, Twitter and Instagram trio. Add in Snapchat, Viber, Line and WeChat, and you have one big Social Media party!

Just like any other good o’ social media enthusiast, your precious account is vivid alive with photos with the most playful editing to bring in a whole new dimension in your profile picture.

iphone apps

You may confuse yourself as a Traveler because of your love for the digital art. You might have taken it a notch higher – sans the travels. The basic tools of the Traveler pale in comparison with that of the Social Networker. You, as a FB-Twitter-IG fanatic, bring in your online presence to a whole new level. You upgrade with Snapseed and VSCO app. Add the cherry on top with a touch of Afterlight, and you have the perfect social media package.

The Gamer

Gamers simply love gaming applications in the wonderful iOS system. As such, you have a good taste in your games. Your high Clash of Clans level speaks for itself. You have CandyCrush and Stack when you’re bored, Piano Tiles when you need a challenge, and Clash Royale when you feel the need to be a little barbaric.

gaming on iphone

In the digital world you created for yourself, you simply love to be the score leader of the game. True enough, this has made you more focused and witty.  Depending on the type of games you actually have, your gamer persona can have a mix and match of emotions and behaviours. If you are the type of player who goes into gaming gear when bored, then you might be a casual gamer. You are the gamers who just want to kill time as much as you want to kill your next PvP victim.

If you are the kind who plays the popular games with dignity and ample amount of time, then you are the casual gamer. You tend to be a regular in most games and tend to be neutral in real life. You’re still good. You know how to balance reality and the game.

Then there is the gaming addict. You spend your days uncovering the lore behind every game there is on the Appstore. Plus, you love to voice out your thoughts and give reviews to gaming apps on a regular basis.


The ever-evolving era induced by technology is what you are in today. Your phone and the applications you use in it are your voice to the technological era. As you try to utilize these applications in your life, see to it that they cater to your needs as individuals, and provide basis for the things that you actually do in your life.

Ultimately, what you use delivers a rough sketch of who you are. So be it a traveler, a gamer, a social networker, a musician or a businessman, the apps related to them reflects who you are. You can erase them whenever. The thing is you can’t uninstall who you really are.

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