The Cuban Tech Revolution – How Mark Cuban Plans to Revolutionize 21st Century Technology

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The Cuban Tech Revolution – How Mark Cuban Plans to Revolutionize 21st Century Technology

The Cuban Tech Revolution – How Mark Cuban Plans to Revolutionize 21st Century Technology


“I still work hard to know my business. I’m continuously looking for ways to improve all my companies, and I’m always selling. Always.”

– Mark Cuban

Following the concept of Kaizen, Mark Cuban is the perfect example of a businessman in search for the next best way to improve the best things in life. He is the man of the hour as he shares his vision for the future of technology.


In an interview with CNBC co-anchor Tyler Mathisen and Inc. president Eric Schurenberg, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks sets his sights on the glimmering innovations and inevitable trend on automated and digitized sensors. He is on the lookout for companies that may bring light to his technological vision.

Who is Mark Cuban?

Innately social and business-minded, young Mark Cuban was the picture of a growing business mogul. At the age of 12, he had done his fair share of small-scale venture businesses. Going from one door to another selling garbage bags may seem much smaller than a small-scale business idea. However, this activity opened the doors for his wit to become a slow-rolling entrepreneurial snowball.

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Fast forward to his college years in Indiana University, he had a short stint as bar owner. He was able to turn a downward spiraling business into a booming party central. Partnering up with his college buddies, he was able to start a life of owning a real-life business early on. However, the seemingly good start turned a different way when bad press hit a good thing too hard.

The managerial skills he was able to pool up from his bar-days eventually led him to build up the guts to create the computer consultancy company MicroSolutions. The company was formed out of immense talent and foresight, unlikely timing, and a desperate situation. With his skills, drive and relentless attitude, Cuban was able to turn the start-up into a strong brand in the information technology industry.

Cuban was never a man to sit down on his laurels. He partnered up with close friends and started piling up on companies that address niche problems. After years of business and IT experience, he and his partners scored big with a move that changed his game forever. He opted to sell his audio-streaming site to one of the biggest Silicon Valley companies – Yahoo. He sold Audionet (Now Yahoo to the tune of $5.6 billion.

Venture after venture, Cuban built a strong network, profitable engagements and high-profile acquisitions. He even bought the Dallas Mavericks in 2000 and became one of the most well known business celebrities in the United States.

Being one of the feisty investor-judges in Shark Tank, Cuban is actively eyeing on probable entrepreneurs who are aligned with his futuristic foresight. For example, let’s say a printer leasing company offers the best deal in town, Cuban is likely to get into investor mode to make it the next big thing. At the height of his vision, he is currently investing in companies that are leading the way towards improving the lives of billions around the globe.

Future in Motion with Motionloft

Motionloft is a company that provides real-life analytics on pedestrians, vehicles and other “analytics-worthy” units using a proprietary system of sensor-assisted networks. They record the data for various indoor vicinities like malls, office buildings, urban centers, and outdoor locations such as parks, block-to-block roadways, and parking lots.


how mark cuban plans to revolutionize 21st century technology

If Facebook and Google provide digital analytics to improve user-experience in their respective turfs, Motionloft creates a different perspective on how to view the world. The innovative company provides their clients data that are pertinent in determining the next best move for their business.

Cuban’s vision to enhance the technological reach of different businesses is greatly aligned with the current track of Motionloft. With two giants are walking side-by-side towards a common future, there is no surprise that they would partner up for a revolutionary idea.

The Product

Accuracy is the name of the game. In order to achieve this, Motionloft offers 95% (or better) accuracy rates in their information. This is highly critical because most business decisions are based on data. The precision is achieved by high-performing equipment that’s able to capture a large amount of detail in each reporting solution.

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Due to the limitless potential from invaluable data, different groups and companies are now tapping the company for their business strategies. Motionloft caters to national property owners, REIT’s (Real Estate Investment Trust), large brokerage firms, and major retailers. These clients benefit from the analytics which includes (but is not limited to) people pass-through rates, specific vehicle counts, client transfer rates, and several others. They create a comprehensive report on people statistics on “where they are, where they’re going, and where they’re coming from.”

The Impact

There is great power in numbers. Statistics on a certain area can encapsulate what happens, what happened, and what could happen at any time. This knowledge can help determine the best sales and marketing strategies of any given period, the perfect business step to take to get more clients, and even a calculated prediction on the business lifespan.

This competitive advantage is a result by knowing the numbers of the business. As reiterated by Shark Tank’s “Mr. Wonderful” Kevin O’ Leary, “if there’s anything you [should] remember [today], remember these three things – articulate your idea succinctly, explain why you have the right team, and know your numbers.”

The value that Motionloft provides in its products and services is undeniably critical in any business. How these numbers are interpreted really depends on the business itself. The technological company’s main purpose is to be available for people to tap into for their own development.

Body at Work with Biolinq

Biolinq (formerly Electrozyme) is an innovative company that spearheads the advancement of the human biosensor. Their epidermal sensors are used to gauge the body’s reaction to various physical activities that it goes through as the day goes on.

Brainchild of medical visionaries, Joshua Windmiller, PhD, and Jared Tangney, PhD, see a more technologically advanced perspective in rating athletic performances, and a more in-depth review on the different physiological reactions of fitness enthusiasts.

Established in 2012, Biolinq is the result of a an idea by Windmiller during his PhD candidacy days in the UC San Diego Nanobioelectronics Lab. His research has grown from finding “biomarker panels and essays that could help identify and treat battlefield injuries without drawing blood” to a leading firm that is creating a vital cog in the future of medicine. Without a doubt, this idea evolution has stirred the minds of various investors on the lookout for the coolest innovation in town.

Cuban is definitely one of these investors. The technology mogul’s passion for sensors and how it can solve a lot of the world’s problems is undeniable. He has provided significant support on the company to help expand the reach of sensor technology. Plus, the application and implication of the human sensors of Biolinq is perfectly aligned with Cuban’s involvement with athletes.

The Product

One of the features of Biolinq’s products is the practicality of their wearable biosensors. These epidermal sensors gather information they get from sweat. Furthermore, the chemicals detected in the ammonia, lactate acid, and electrolytes in the body are measured. These physiological indicators generate more information to the user more than any other system in the market. The metabolic information is then fed by Biolinq to the user’s smart devices, usually worn over “tattoo” sensors.

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The sensors have a wide range of applications. To date, the targeted users of the company are athletes and fitness enthusiasts since they have a high-level of physical activity, thus more pragmatic use for the technology. After the device gathers the data from the body, the data serves as feedback to the user which he or she can then evaluate and immediately take necessary actions based on the reading. This workflow creates a more balanced and more structured workout and training program for the users.

The Impact

For the longest time, athletes are limited in their workout program by what they know about their body. With the help of a more directed technology, athletic science can now be given a new light on how they can help the millions of athletes around the globe.

Runners can gauge their hydration levels. Stamina and endurance players can now determine the actual level of their muscle fatigue. Injured athletes can now properly plan their recovery program. All of these elements create better performance and a more dynamic approach on how they treat their professional careers and their overall health.

As for the non-professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and health buffs, this technology can more accurately count calories better than any other caloric monitors. According to Windmiller, the rate of sweating is still the best way to gauge how much calories are burned. Ultimately, the data provided to all users can lead to a more enhanced workout.

Without a doubt, Mark Cuban is a man of visions. He sticks by his beliefs, and he definitely knows his craft. It’s about time that someone got a firm grip on the technological steering wheel. The world is now on hyperdrive, and everyone should be continuously looking for ways to improve the lives of people all over the world. Always.

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