8 Powerful Video Converters that You Can Get for Free

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8 Powerful Video Converters that You Can Get for Free

There are a lot of situations when you might need a video converter.

Have you ever experienced running out of storage space because a video file you downloaded is too big? Have you ever come across a device or a media player that only supports a particular video file format? Are you the organized type of person who just wants your video files well organized and in the same format?

These are only few of the situations where having a video converter of your choice can come in handy. With a versatile converter at your disposal, you will be able to convert any media file to any format. You will be able to reduce the file size and create an output video in a format that is compatible with your device or media player.

Some people might think that converting is as complex as editing a video, not to mention the expense of buying a professional video converting software. But in reality there are already a good number of easy-to-use online video converters and applications that you can download for free.

Below are eight video converters you can get online that are highly useful, user-friendly and absolutely free.

By using, you can easily get an efficient online video converter with just one click. Simply import the video file that you want to convert online, and it does the job for you. You can choose to convert a video file from a wide array of video file formats like 3GP for mobile devices, MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV and a lot more.

This video converter can process up to 250 MB video files, all the while keeping your files aligned with standard security and privacy practices. Once the uploaded file has been converted, it is “destroyed” and cannot be accessed by anyone. However, the converted file is stored on their server for a maximum of 24 hours until it is completely deleted automatically.

Each download link is unique and only given to the one who converted the file. Most of all, is free. You only need to have a stable internet connection to upload and convert your files without any errors.

If you are trying to convert a large video file, Videotoolbox is for you. It can upload and process videos up to 600 MB in size. It can also analyze the files you upload and display their metadata and other information like the codec, bitrate, frame rate, and the original file resolution. Just like Convertfiles, Videotoolbox can convert files between the most commonly used file formats, including 3GP, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, WMV, and others.

It has two modes: simple and advanced. Using the simple mode, you can easily select your desired output format. On the other hand, while in advanced mode, you can further customize your output file by adjusting the video codec, resolution, bitrate, frame rate, audio codec, audio bitrate, sample rate and audio channels. Other features include adding a watermark to your output file, trimming, cropping, and merging multiple video files into one video. You can also embed subtitle files to your video.

Freemake Video Converter

This video converter is quick, flexible and easy to use, which makes it one of the best free video converters available out there. It lives up to its name for giving you the ability to convert any kind of videos with its powerful, yet easy-to-use software. The best thing about it is that you can get it free of charge.

Freemake video converter can convert any video file from your hard drive to almost any format. It can also be used to download and convert online videos from online video sharing sites like YouTube. It comes with simple editing tools to cut unwanted parts of any footage, add subtitles, and convert to and from DVD. Indeed, Freemake Video Converter is the perfect all-in-one software for your video converting needs.

Any Video Converter Free

Aside from being free of charge, Any Video Converter boasts the ability to convert videos stored on your PC or published online in a flash.

It keeps up with the other aforementioned online converters as it supports a wide array of different file formats. It has a user-friendly interface that includes ready-made presets suitable for different devices, and editing options such as trimming, cropping and rotating to allow basic video cleanup tasks. If you want to get creative, you can experiment with video effects to achieve a completely unique look as well.

Furthermore, this converter offers video formats suitable for offline viewing on your mobile without worrying about your data allowance. Also, the program has the ability to process videos from video sharing sites, which allows you to download and convert your favorite videos from Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Metacafe and many other platforms. Plus It can also rip audio from CDS and DVDs.

MPEG Streamclip

MPEG Streamclip is another free tool that can serve as a useful video player, editor, and conversion software for Mac and Windows. It does a good job of transcoding files, but it can also be a powerful organizational tool for the video and media files in your library. When you want to use it as a media player, you can stream all of the usual video file formats through it. However, if you opt to use it as a video transcoder and converter, you can be sure that it is fast and flexible.

Koyote Free Video Converter

Koyote is a multi-language video converting application which, just like any other software, can convert clips between any of the most popular video file formats and allows customization based on the user’s preference while processing video conversion tasks smoothly and swiftly.

If you wish to convert only some parts of your original videos, Koyote can also trim footages and extract audio from video files into MP3, WMA, MP2, AAC files.

HD Video Converter Factory Free

Aside from being completely free, you can enjoy the features of this video converter without the need of a third-party software and toolbars. With its easy-to-use interface, video converting tasks become effortless as it can read and output numerous video and audio formats, and even other rare file formats.

You can rely on this software for a faster converting speed than other video converters as tested on Windows 10 and 7 operating systems. It can convert any video to HD quality files and download clips from YouTube and 250 other video sharing sites. You can also use it as a simple video editor as it comes with split video, join video, and merge audio tools.


This multi-platform video converting software can run in any operating system, whether in Mac, Windows, or Linux. Aside from having the ability to do other video editing tasks and ripping DVDs, Handbrake’s forte would really have to be video conversion and transcoding. It does its job well in converting and transcoding videos from one format to another, while giving its users the freedom to explore other features, tweaks, and options.

Handbrake sees to it that your output video can play smoothly on whatever device or media player you might use to stream. Also it features ready-to-use presets and a more specific video settings panel. Even with a plethora of pro features, Handbrake is definitely a free, open-source, cross platform, and a diligent video converter.

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Rice to Dry Your Wet iPhone

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Rice to Dry Your Wet iPhone

“Help I’ve dropped my iPhone in water!”

Ouch. It sounds painful doesn’t it? If you have dropped your iPhone into a pool of water (sink, toilet, pool, pond), it can be difficult to know what to do next. Most people turn to Google and search ‘what to do if you’ve dropped your iPhone in water’. Doing this will bring up a multitude of articles (including this one) that tell you how to treat a water damaged iPhone – this is good. You’ll find that 90% of them suggest placing the iPhone into a container filled with uncooked rice to dry overnight – this is bad.

Why would drying your phone in a bowl of rice do it any harm? Here are 4 reasons why you should not use rice to dry a wet iPhone.


1. Don’t believe the hype

Uncooked rice is not that good an absorbent. In a study completed by Gazelle, different household products were tested against each other to see which was best at absorbing water. They compared seven different absorbing agents:

  • Uncooked rice
  • Instant rice
  • Crystal cat litter
  • Silica gel packets
  • Instant oatmeal
  • Classic oatmeal
  • Couscous

Uncooked rice was actually found to be the worst agent for absorbing moisture. It absorbed the least amount of water in a 24-hour period, thus trumping the myth that uncooked rice is a good desiccant.

2. A false sense of security

All the rice method does is delay proper treatment. While your wet phone is submerged under a bed of rice, water will dry on the electrical board inside leaving residue around the connectors. This will cause lasting damage to the phone if left untreated and puts your data at risk. Even if the phone turns on after 24-72 hours in the rice, the damage will still be there. Lasting water damage in your iPhone will shorten its life expectancy and cause it to perform poorly after about four to six months.

3. Those grains get everywhere!


Many users have found problems with faulty headphone and charger ports after drying their phone in rice (seriously, it happens more than you’d think). Many times, grains or even fragments of grains can get caught in these ports, or around the microphone. It’s extremely difficult to remove rice from inside an iPhone without damaging other components. Fixing it could actually harm the port and cost you quite a bit to repair. Your iPhone’s warranty does not cover external objects that get stuck inside your iPhone.

4. Things rice won’t fix

As mentioned before, the rice doesn’t absorb the water on the inside of the phone and that’s where the real problem lies. The real aim when drying your iPhone is to displace the water from the board, so that is doesn’t touch the electrical components inside. Water damage causes staining and corrosion. This can be fixed only when you take the phone apart and clean the internals. Isopropyl alcohol can be used to do this (more details on this below).

The Right Way to Save a Wet iPhone or Android

So now that you know what not to do when you drop your smartphone in water, let us tell you how to go about fixing it the right way!

Don’t let it drown

It’s vitally important to remove the phone from water as soon as you can! Most times the amount of damage the phone attains, really does depend on the amount of time it spent in water.

While this may be a more frightening task for those of you that dropped your phone it the toilet, it’s necessary if you have any hope of saving your phone and it’s data.

Don’t let it fry


This is important – don’t turn it on and do not charge it. As you know, water and electricals are, and always will be mortal enemies. If your phone falls into water while it is switched on, it can short circuit. That being said, once you retrieve it from the water, turn it off right away. If the power button is broken or it’s a black screen and the lock button isn’t working, have no fear. There are many ways you can quickly turn off your phone to avoid causing more damage.

Trust the experts

While there are a lot of quick fix options out there, you should really get your phone to a professional right away and get it expertly treated. The methods you can find online can help in the interim (and some help you complete the task just like the experts), but it’s always better to be safe than sorry, in my opinion. Taking it to an expert can make sure all of the water is gone and your data is safe.

If you are not 100% sure the water is completely out of your phone, it will have a shorter life expectancy, and will not be able to withstand any physical knocks or little bumps months down the line.

Give it a try?

Fancy a challenge? If you would like to fix your water damaged iPhone yourself, I commend you my friend as I am not the DIY type (I’m sure it’s not as hard as I think it is). As previously mentioned, there are a lot of great sites out there that will help you fix your water damaged phone, but these from Gazelle and iFixit are two of the best. After running their tests to determine which household product absorbs the most water, Gazelle determined that the first thing someone should do is to shake out the phone to remove some of the water. Then, to make sure the water doesn’t ruin the phone from the inside, opening up the phone and leaving it in front of a fan is the best way. iFixit’s article takes things a little further to ensure you can save your phone. Spoilers – you will need a Philips screwdriver, a toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol.

The Backup Plan


While methods you can find online may work perfectly fine and experts can bring almost everything back from the brink of the technology graveyard, a backup plan is never a bad idea. If you dropped your phone in the ocean, didn’t save your phone quick enough, couldn’t bare to reach into the toilet to save your tie to the rest of the world, or the phone saving methods just didn’t work for you; have no fear! If Facebook and Snapchat have taught us anything it’s that data is never completely gone.

If you lost your phone or it’s water damaged beyond repair, you can still access your data. There are many data recovery tools out there that can help you in this moment of crisis. Your pictures, videos, texts, WhatsApp messages and so many other file types are not lost forever. Without your phone you can extract your data from backup files, and if you have your phone you can use the software to extract your data from the device (just make sure it’s dry first).

Some recovery tools offer software that you need to buy, but there are also many free options as well. Just remember – while smartphones are pricey, they can be replaced. Your memories are priceless (and can be saved)!

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Discover Technology Through Science Museums

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Discover Technology Through Science Museums

If you want to check out the latest and greatest of the scientific and tech world, museums are definitely the way to go. If you are looking for an excavator rental, then you are just one press away from all the details you need.

Do you still remember the times when you needed to go to a museum just to learn the latest and coolest stuff on earth? Now, even when you are living one thousand miles away from the closest science museum, you can still learn the most recent discoveries through a cyber visit to a pool of YouTube channels. In this way, you can see what the museum guests enjoy firsthand when they visit the actual physical place. When you want to join discussions about technology innovation, Facebook or online forums are always capable of opening their doors for you.

Try something different. Instead of going to YouTube channels, try Googling local science museums in your area then try visiting and enjoying what they can offer. Instead of joining online forums, start looking for science events that can allow you to have personal interactions with other science enthusiasts. If you are lucky then you can also talk to renowned scientists. Watching how science work right in front of you is totally different from looking into your personal computers.

Museums of Science!

Boston, Massachusetts

a picture of the Boston Museum from the water

If you are into museums that are interactive, then the Museum of Science is the right place for you. The museum is established in 1830, and they currently hold 700 interactive exhibits. In line with technology, the museum provides the only domed IMAX screen. They also showcase the world’s largest open-air Van de Graaff generator.

The exhibits showcase renewable energies, nanotechnology, machines and transportation displays.

an aerial view of inside the Boston Museum

The museum focuses on displaying the latest technologies on different fields. This kind of setting can allow you to see how different fields in science work together but still function as one integrated concept.

The Tech Museum of Innovation

San Jose, California

The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California.

The Tech Museum of Innovation aligns their exhibit with the theme gizmos and gadgets. It may sound familiar (Little Mermaid, anyone), but the museum has more collections than Ariel.

The museum was pioneered by Valley companies. Established in 1998, it has four major theme galleries that the museum boasts of: communication, exploration, innovation and life tech. To maintain the idea of gizmos and gadgets, the Tech Museum of Innovation showcases exhibits about energy efficiency, customization, exploration and genetics.

A look inside the Tech Museum of Innovation, in San Jose, California.

Majority of their exhibits are interactive, therefore, this can help you experience learning on a personal level. One of their exhibits is called Social Robots. If you want to get involved in building and designing robots, then this is the right place for you. They allow visitors to experience what it feels like to build their own robot.

Another exhibit is called Studio. The Studio enables the guests to visit a workshop space for in-house scientists and developers. This allows the visitors to watch closely how prototypes are made, and the guests can also give immediate questions for the scientists.

Hong Kong Space Museum

Hong Kong

An exterior view of the Hong Kong Space Museum.

From the name itself, Hong Kong Space Museum focuses on showing technological advancement in space science and astronomy. The museum opened its doors in 1980 to show the public how far human space exploration endeavors has been. If you want to experience what it feels like to use technology in light with space science, you better not miss the museum.

A display inside the Hong Kong Space Museum.

The science museum has exhibits and prototypes of the spacecraft used on previous exploration. They also offer science courses like Astronomical Telescope Making. Young Astronaut Training Camp is also one of their programs for the visitors. The objective of the camp is to provide a platform for the young people who wants to become astronauts. This can also encourage others to consider space exploration in their future career.

Pacific Science Center

Seattle, Washington

An external view of the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington.

The Pacific Science Center is a science and technology museum that has eight buildings and two IMAX theaters. If you are interested in discovering research advancement in Pacific Northwest, the museum has the right place for you.

An aerial view of inside the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington.

They have an exhibit called Portal to Current Research. Originally built in 1962, the exhibit now showcases technological advancement and data science by local scientists. You can actually see in the museum all the products they have created in order to bridge the gap between past and future researchers in their area.

Another exhibit relevant to technology is the PasSci360 Movie Booth. You can experience being taken and surrounded by 36 precision-sequenced camera. This can allow you to see a 360-degree frozen-moment film effect.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Shanghai, China

The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Opened in 2001, the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is a science museum that offers thirteen main permanent exhibitions and four science theatres. One of the exhibits is called Light of Exploration. You can witness all the human achievements in science and technology during the 20th century at this certain exhibit.

An exhibit inside the Shanghai Museum

The science museum also showcases World of Robots exhibit. In this part, you can explore what it feels like in the world of robots. You can also witness how humans and robots work together in a certain environment. If you are interested in playing chess against robots, then you can try it here at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. You can also experience playing archery with a robot through the exhibit.

Information Era is another exhibit that focuses on teaching you about information technology. This part of the museum can teach how to distinguish conventional technologies and in what ways are the information technology is applied in practical life through interactive lessons and games.

California Science Center

Los Angeles, California

An external view of the California Science Center.

California Science Center is formerly known as California Museum of Science and Industry when it was established in 1951. The science museum offers four permanent exhibits for their visitors: Ecosystem, Creative World, World of Life and Air and Space Exhibits.

Inside the California Science Center.

If you are interested in exploring innovation in construction, energy and transportation, their exhibits would definitely stir your imagination. In this exhibit, you can experience hand-on activities that can educate you about the said themes. Also, if your interest is under studying life forms, then go for the World of Life. This part enables you observe DNA and other microscopic organisms.

Imagine how much you can discover about science and technology by simply leaving your room, and exploring local science museums. As the old saying goes, learning is beyond outside the four corners of the classroom.

Since the development of information technology through the internet, you might have become one of those who ended up staying at comfort of your home. You cannot grasp and experience science with just watching videos from social media. You cannot see properly how a certain equipment or gadget really works in practical setting with mere reading reviews or testimonies. You have to experience it by yourself.

There is a great world beyond the four walls of your room. Get out. Learn more. Discover more.

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A Game of Phones: Mobile Brands in Westeros

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A Game of Phones: Mobile Brands in Westeros

As always, it’s quite exciting to see what will unfold in the current season of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Presently in its sixth season, the medieval-themed fantasy based on George R.R Martin’s novels took television by storm when it first aired in 2011. And now, it’s on a relentless charge towards its highest ratings since its debut.

daenerys targaryen with a baby dragon on her shoulder

Game of Thrones (or GoT for those who are fond of abbreviation) is a fictional manifestation highlighting what people will do for power, as well as an in-depth look into human psychology. Strikingly characterized by a mix of sex, nudity, violence, adventure, and gore, the book adaptation has captivated a huge, worldwide audience. With a dose of hierarchical and feudal conflict, the series generates impressivley powerful dramas in its storyline. Each family in the GoT world wants the absolute power to reign and rule over the others. It doesn’t get much more dramatic than that.

Come to think of it, this awe-inspiring fiction has a striking resemblance to real human history. According to the books, human societies have been built around the never ending battle for power and rule. In today’s world, huge corporations have built their strongholds in order to dominate the Earth’s inhabitants (perhaps not quite as dramatic as that, but you get the point!)

Companies constantly look at other companies in order to compare their strengths and weaknesses. Their need to be more advanced than each other in practically every aspect has grown at an exponential rate. Smaller companies get in on the “battle”, too, by constantly comparing the goods and services that we use every day. I came upon a great example of this while looking for new options for hosting my wordpress blog the other day: good WordPress hosting comparison. An article that, to some people, might seem mundane is actually a vivid example of the constant back and forth between “warring” companies.

It can certainly be said that the 21st century has become witness to the constant battle of computers, gadgets and mobile devices. The technological revolution has simply created a modern form of an old conflict.

game of thrones symbols

Having that established, the war-filled setting of the world of Westeros seems all too familiar. Entire families being exiled. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.. It’s a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

Similarly, when a big mobile company begins to die out, a smaller company might realize its luck and decide to capitilize on the situation. It’s almost as if it’s…. a Game of Phones? I know, I cringed even while writing it, but bear with me.

The Starks: Microsoft

“Winter is Coming” utters the wardens of the North. The Starks are an old and hardy family. Their stony disposition has earned them a name in the world of Westeros. They may have made many friends, but they have made more enemies. Then again, they probably knew that would happen from the beginning.

a meme of eddard stark

Microsoft has been in both the top and bottom of the mobile arena in recent years. Being one of the super powers in the computer world in the last decade, it has undoubtably been an arduous climb to the coveted top of the list in the mobile scene. Microsoft has launched the Windows Phone in 2010 to target the expanding mobile market, but problems have paved a painful path along the way. As the Starks try to keep themselves afloat, Microsoft is trying to do the same.

The brand has expended a large amount of money and effort to introduce and market the Microsoft Lumia series, but have had a hard time gaining the total success they were hoping for.

It seems to be fate that winter has come for Microsoft (at least for their mobile phone branch.)

The Greyjoys: Sony

In the distant lands of Pyke lie the great and proud Greyjoys. Having been in existence for many years, the family controls a sizable naval force that boasts warships of different sizes, ready to seize and control the seas. Their problem: their opponents fight on the mainland. The same can be said for Sony.

The company is, obviously, one of the big players in the market for other electronic devices, but they actually fall short in terms of mobile phones. Sure, they do have the Sony Xperia, one of the highest performing phones on the market today.

a lineup of four sony phones

When it comes to to carving out a swathe of land in Westeros, however, the Greyjoys lack the land power needed. In the same way, Sony lacks advertisement in other parts of the world where they could have potentially sold more.

In today’s competitive corporate scene, the better the advertisement, the better the sales. Unfortunately for them, their ads have led them astray.

The Arryns: ZTE

When ZTE exploded in the market, one could say that they managed to do relatively well in sustaining their brand. The industry would show that they actually did a magnificent job in the beginning. Upon closer inspection, however, ZTE seems to be playing a little too safe.

The Arryn’s of the Vale are the same way. The family is a major-name house with the Eyrie as their stronghold. They choose to be surrounded by the mountains which keep them secure. The family and their knights have become comfortable and archaic. The same goes for ZTE.

ZTE may have the upper edge on its wireless solutions versus its competitors, but their mobile design is not as exciting and user-engaging as their powerful competitors.

The Arryn words “As high as honor” is an ironic description of the company.

The Martells: LG

Dwelling in the deserts of Sunspear, the Martells are a family with exoticism imbued into their name. They are bold, passionate, and adventurous, much like what LG is striving to be at the moment.

LG’s latest venture on the mobile scene is manifested with the LG V10, competing in the market with its high end Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 Processor and backed with 4GB RAM. Thanks to their avid advertising, the company has interacted with a wider audience than ever before.

a meme of a game of thrones character

In the United States alone, the new mobile device has drawn a large crowd, selling a whopping 450,000 in 45 days after its launch.

Hear it clear, hear it loud! “Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken.”

The Tullys: Huawei

The lords of the Riverrun pride themselves on swimming across the current, all the while ensuring that they protect their family, duty and honor. Backed by its P9 Plus and seamless design, Huawei apparently intends to swim across the current as well.

Huawei ranked 5th in the most popular and best selling mobile devices today – and for a good reason. It may come as a surprise that they established themselves as such. One word: partnerships. Like the partnership of the Tullys and the Starks, the company has perfected the art of collaborations in the field of telecommunications. In fact, both its services and products have been sold in over 140 countries because they currently attend 45 of the world’s 50 largest telecom operations on the globe.

Now that’s a fruitful marriage!

The Tyrells: Lenovo

The Tyrell’s have a huge amount of wealth. Their family resides in High Garden in the lands of the Reach, where bountiful harvests have made them extremely prosperous. They never stop increasing their power, because they use these resources to strengthen their army. For that, they receive a great amount of respect among the people of Westeros.

Lenovo shares the same amount of wealth as the Lords of High Garden. Known for their large scale computer brand all over the world, Lenovo has now targeted the mobile arena with vicious intent – and they are not stopping. Since 2011, the brand has made a shuffle within the mobile business. Ranked 4 in the world for sales in the mobile division, this company is actually the largest personal computer vendor based on total unit sales. Not to mention landing Kobe as one of their advertisers.

Lenovo’s latest venture, the Lenovo K900, is a testament to their relentless drive to be at the top of the food chain. Refined and powerful with its Dual Core Intel Atom processor and 5.5” HD display, the mobile company is focusing on yet another reshuffle on the world rankings.

Now that’s ‘Growing strong’, indeed!

The Lannisters: Apple

The Lannister’s of Casterly Rock play a major role in most of the conflicts in the world of Westeros, and that’s for good reason. The influential family has the power of significant wealth mined from the depths of the lands they call home.

SE stands for samsung ending meme

Tim Cook’s Apple has dominated the mobile arena. The magnificent brand has penetrated the technological scene in a multitude of ways, rooting from its innovative designs and even more innovative way of advertising. Thanks to an effective synergy within the company, the brand has landed number 2 in world sales (just below Samsung).

Apple’s latest product line, the iPhone SE, solves the demands for a cheaper iPhone to be sold mostly in third world countries. The latest Apple offering creates a wide range of possibilities with its A9 Chip processor with retina display and a camera that suits the exquisite brand.

a lineup of iPhones

The words of the Lannister’s, “hear me roar”, fits perfectly with the mobile phone giants endless possibilities.

The Baratheons: Samsung

The lord of the Stormlands, the Baratheons have fought with grit to retake the Iron Throne. With their explosive and warring behavior, it is only suitable to have them as the rulers of Westeros. “Ours is the fury”, they like to say.

apple who? GoT meme

Samsung displayed the same kind of fury when it toppled Apple as the king of the mobile world. The heated rivalry caused the company to reinvent themselves over and over, using different technologies to finally outsell their number one competitor. As part of their reinvention scheme, the number 1 ranked brand in sales released its latest venture called Samsung S7 Edge . The product features a high-powered Octacore processor and a 12MP camera with water proof 5.1” Flat Quad HD Display which, by most accounts, is the best in the market as of late.

samsung headquarters

On its first month of release, the new Samsung mobile phone, fronted by the latest Android OS, has outsold Apple by a huge disparity in Asia and Europe. Not to mention outselling its previous S6 model. The phone was projected by many mobile users to “smash expectations” in the coming months.


The world of GoT has been a trending topic over the course of its existence. Each episode in the sixth season creates an extension of reality as they test the patience of each fan around the globe. The same thrilling encounter can be felt when these giant phone companies fight over the mobile market for supremacy.

The world is now merely a witness to the Game of Phones.

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What Your iPhone Apps Say About You

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What Your iPhone Apps Say About You

What Your iPhone Apps Say About You

Let’s face it, you love your iPhone. Almost romantically, you dress up your device with protective covers, fancy phone cases, and brand it with your own unique imprints. In fact, you love your iPhone so much you can’t even leave the house without it.

You just can’t even.

iphone at night

In a society where practically everyone’s day begins face-to-face with a mobile device, why wouldn’t you feel compelled to garnish your phone?

Today, each days ends with the silent fading of bright screens that man has somehow mixed into a necessary category of life in an socially acceptable concoction. Since mobile technology has now become an integral part of your daily life, it now has the power to evolve you… into a digital extension of who you are.

And that’s just the thing about evolution — Before you know it, it’s already happening.

In the 21st century, the mobile phone is the new a tell-tale sign of your inner being.  Before, people could tell who you are by what you eat, what you do with your time, and who your friends are. Now, the new answers lie in your technology.

You Are What You App

Whether you like it or not, your iPhone can reveal an impressive amount of who you are based on your apps alone. Here are the most common categories we’ve found.

The Traveler

iphone at night

One of the major trends in today’s mobile application scene is the use of GPS, or “global positioning system”.

Your phone is filled with navigational applications like Waze and Google Maps to help guide you in your journeys. If you travel internationally, we’re sure you’re aware of the importance of currency conversion, so you probably have apps like Converter Plus and Evernote to keep track of all things you need to remember.

Of course in that mix, you also have UBER, Lyft, or both to help you get from point A to point B with ease.

If you’re one to wine and dine while traveling, you keep apps like FourSquare in your device to help you locate the best places to unwind while away.

What you probably also have is a mean set of photography skills. And we’re not talking the snap-and-go type of skills either… Your photos matter. Your PicsArt and VSCO and Camera+ apps are always on hand for editing. Your keen sense of fun and adventure makes you the kind of person who is fun to be with when everyone decides to go for that once in a lifetime road trip!

The traveler in you simply shows how much you love experiencing life as it comes.

The Productive Businessman (or Woman)

Aside from having Entrepreneur Daily and LinkedIn applications in the quick tabs of your iPhone, you have tons of office apps ranging from Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Excel for you on-the-go financial reports, to HotSchedules for employee scheduling, talent sourcing, and task management.


You’re always on top of everything in your professional life. You simply fancy mobile apps that have anything to do with creating documents, collaborating and analyzing and tracking. Your applications are more likely to be the ones featured or advertised over the web. You open your doors to additional features and updates (even if it costs you more) just to have the next best thing, making your life a little more organized.

You value interactivity, time and presentation so much that you have to make sure everything is within reach. If you company website needs an update, a quick access to the WP Hosting Hub to check out the best options should be a breeze through your iPhone. If you need to keep ALL your lines of communication open, you have Viber, Slack, Blue Jeans and Skype.

The bottom line is you need to be plugged in to your business 24-7.

The Musically Inclined

The world feels much better with your earphones on. Music brings comfort to your soul, and the dazzling lights of your inner mind turns on with its beat and melody. Generally, number one and two on your apps list is Spotify Music and iMusic.

If you’re sentimental type, with your ragged look and free flowing spirit, you might have Tabs and Chords by Ultimate Guitar and Garageband in your list. If you’re the raving, mix and match type of person, you would have something like DJay2 for iPhone or Traktor DJ when creativity takes you.

listenting to music

When the singer’s soul got a hold of you while picking you nest app, you might have landed on SoundCloud, and added it to the list. You keep the passion burning with Sing Karaoke and Songify (both by Smule) to reassure the singer in you.

Through you and your iPhone, the world might just be a little more serene with your passion for music.

The Social Networker

You have an account (or two) in practically on every social media application made by man. Your apps line-up includes the famous Facebook, Twitter and Instagram trio. Add in Snapchat, Viber, Line and WeChat, and you have one big Social Media party!

Just like any other good o’ social media enthusiast, your precious account is vivid alive with photos with the most playful editing to bring in a whole new dimension in your profile picture.

iphone apps

You may confuse yourself as a Traveler because of your love for the digital art. You might have taken it a notch higher – sans the travels. The basic tools of the Traveler pale in comparison with that of the Social Networker. You, as a FB-Twitter-IG fanatic, bring in your online presence to a whole new level. You upgrade with Snapseed and VSCO app. Add the cherry on top with a touch of Afterlight, and you have the perfect social media package.

The Gamer

Gamers simply love gaming applications in the wonderful iOS system. As such, you have a good taste in your games. Your high Clash of Clans level speaks for itself. You have CandyCrush and Stack when you’re bored, Piano Tiles when you need a challenge, and Clash Royale when you feel the need to be a little barbaric.

gaming on iphone

In the digital world you created for yourself, you simply love to be the score leader of the game. True enough, this has made you more focused and witty.  Depending on the type of games you actually have, your gamer persona can have a mix and match of emotions and behaviours. If you are the type of player who goes into gaming gear when bored, then you might be a casual gamer. You are the gamers who just want to kill time as much as you want to kill your next PvP victim.

If you are the kind who plays the popular games with dignity and ample amount of time, then you are the casual gamer. You tend to be a regular in most games and tend to be neutral in real life. You’re still good. You know how to balance reality and the game.

Then there is the gaming addict. You spend your days uncovering the lore behind every game there is on the Appstore. Plus, you love to voice out your thoughts and give reviews to gaming apps on a regular basis.


The ever-evolving era induced by technology is what you are in today. Your phone and the applications you use in it are your voice to the technological era. As you try to utilize these applications in your life, see to it that they cater to your needs as individuals, and provide basis for the things that you actually do in your life.

Ultimately, what you use delivers a rough sketch of who you are. So be it a traveler, a gamer, a social networker, a musician or a businessman, the apps related to them reflects who you are. You can erase them whenever. The thing is you can’t uninstall who you really are.

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The Cuban Tech Revolution – How Mark Cuban Plans to Revolutionize 21st Century Technology

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The Cuban Tech Revolution – How Mark Cuban Plans to Revolutionize 21st Century Technology

The Cuban Tech Revolution – How Mark Cuban Plans to Revolutionize 21st Century Technology


“I still work hard to know my business. I’m continuously looking for ways to improve all my companies, and I’m always selling. Always.”

– Mark Cuban

Following the concept of Kaizen, Mark Cuban is the perfect example of a businessman in search for the next best way to improve the best things in life. He is the man of the hour as he shares his vision for the future of technology.


In an interview with CNBC co-anchor Tyler Mathisen and Inc. president Eric Schurenberg, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks sets his sights on the glimmering innovations and inevitable trend on automated and digitized sensors. He is on the lookout for companies that may bring light to his technological vision.

Who is Mark Cuban?

Innately social and business-minded, young Mark Cuban was the picture of a growing business mogul. At the age of 12, he had done his fair share of small-scale venture businesses. Going from one door to another selling garbage bags may seem much smaller than a small-scale business idea. However, this activity opened the doors for his wit to become a slow-rolling entrepreneurial snowball.

mark cuban on a magazine cover beside quote "you have nothing to lose"


Fast forward to his college years in Indiana University, he had a short stint as bar owner. He was able to turn a downward spiraling business into a booming party central. Partnering up with his college buddies, he was able to start a life of owning a real-life business early on. However, the seemingly good start turned a different way when bad press hit a good thing too hard.

The managerial skills he was able to pool up from his bar-days eventually led him to build up the guts to create the computer consultancy company MicroSolutions. The company was formed out of immense talent and foresight, unlikely timing, and a desperate situation. With his skills, drive and relentless attitude, Cuban was able to turn the start-up into a strong brand in the information technology industry.

Cuban was never a man to sit down on his laurels. He partnered up with close friends and started piling up on companies that address niche problems. After years of business and IT experience, he and his partners scored big with a move that changed his game forever. He opted to sell his audio-streaming site to one of the biggest Silicon Valley companies – Yahoo. He sold Audionet (Now Yahoo to the tune of $5.6 billion.

Venture after venture, Cuban built a strong network, profitable engagements and high-profile acquisitions. He even bought the Dallas Mavericks in 2000 and became one of the most well known business celebrities in the United States.

Being one of the feisty investor-judges in Shark Tank, Cuban is actively eyeing on probable entrepreneurs who are aligned with his futuristic foresight. For example, let’s say a printer leasing company offers the best deal in town, Cuban is likely to get into investor mode to make it the next big thing. At the height of his vision, he is currently investing in companies that are leading the way towards improving the lives of billions around the globe.

Future in Motion with Motionloft

Motionloft is a company that provides real-life analytics on pedestrians, vehicles and other “analytics-worthy” units using a proprietary system of sensor-assisted networks. They record the data for various indoor vicinities like malls, office buildings, urban centers, and outdoor locations such as parks, block-to-block roadways, and parking lots.


how mark cuban plans to revolutionize 21st century technology

If Facebook and Google provide digital analytics to improve user-experience in their respective turfs, Motionloft creates a different perspective on how to view the world. The innovative company provides their clients data that are pertinent in determining the next best move for their business.

Cuban’s vision to enhance the technological reach of different businesses is greatly aligned with the current track of Motionloft. With two giants are walking side-by-side towards a common future, there is no surprise that they would partner up for a revolutionary idea.

The Product

Accuracy is the name of the game. In order to achieve this, Motionloft offers 95% (or better) accuracy rates in their information. This is highly critical because most business decisions are based on data. The precision is achieved by high-performing equipment that’s able to capture a large amount of detail in each reporting solution.

motionloft smartphone detection

Due to the limitless potential from invaluable data, different groups and companies are now tapping the company for their business strategies. Motionloft caters to national property owners, REIT’s (Real Estate Investment Trust), large brokerage firms, and major retailers. These clients benefit from the analytics which includes (but is not limited to) people pass-through rates, specific vehicle counts, client transfer rates, and several others. They create a comprehensive report on people statistics on “where they are, where they’re going, and where they’re coming from.”

The Impact

There is great power in numbers. Statistics on a certain area can encapsulate what happens, what happened, and what could happen at any time. This knowledge can help determine the best sales and marketing strategies of any given period, the perfect business step to take to get more clients, and even a calculated prediction on the business lifespan.

This competitive advantage is a result by knowing the numbers of the business. As reiterated by Shark Tank’s “Mr. Wonderful” Kevin O’ Leary, “if there’s anything you [should] remember [today], remember these three things – articulate your idea succinctly, explain why you have the right team, and know your numbers.”

The value that Motionloft provides in its products and services is undeniably critical in any business. How these numbers are interpreted really depends on the business itself. The technological company’s main purpose is to be available for people to tap into for their own development.

Body at Work with Biolinq

Biolinq (formerly Electrozyme) is an innovative company that spearheads the advancement of the human biosensor. Their epidermal sensors are used to gauge the body’s reaction to various physical activities that it goes through as the day goes on.

Brainchild of medical visionaries, Joshua Windmiller, PhD, and Jared Tangney, PhD, see a more technologically advanced perspective in rating athletic performances, and a more in-depth review on the different physiological reactions of fitness enthusiasts.

Established in 2012, Biolinq is the result of a an idea by Windmiller during his PhD candidacy days in the UC San Diego Nanobioelectronics Lab. His research has grown from finding “biomarker panels and essays that could help identify and treat battlefield injuries without drawing blood” to a leading firm that is creating a vital cog in the future of medicine. Without a doubt, this idea evolution has stirred the minds of various investors on the lookout for the coolest innovation in town.

Cuban is definitely one of these investors. The technology mogul’s passion for sensors and how it can solve a lot of the world’s problems is undeniable. He has provided significant support on the company to help expand the reach of sensor technology. Plus, the application and implication of the human sensors of Biolinq is perfectly aligned with Cuban’s involvement with athletes.

The Product

One of the features of Biolinq’s products is the practicality of their wearable biosensors. These epidermal sensors gather information they get from sweat. Furthermore, the chemicals detected in the ammonia, lactate acid, and electrolytes in the body are measured. These physiological indicators generate more information to the user more than any other system in the market. The metabolic information is then fed by Biolinq to the user’s smart devices, usually worn over “tattoo” sensors.

biolinq bracelet

The sensors have a wide range of applications. To date, the targeted users of the company are athletes and fitness enthusiasts since they have a high-level of physical activity, thus more pragmatic use for the technology. After the device gathers the data from the body, the data serves as feedback to the user which he or she can then evaluate and immediately take necessary actions based on the reading. This workflow creates a more balanced and more structured workout and training program for the users.

The Impact

For the longest time, athletes are limited in their workout program by what they know about their body. With the help of a more directed technology, athletic science can now be given a new light on how they can help the millions of athletes around the globe.

Runners can gauge their hydration levels. Stamina and endurance players can now determine the actual level of their muscle fatigue. Injured athletes can now properly plan their recovery program. All of these elements create better performance and a more dynamic approach on how they treat their professional careers and their overall health.

As for the non-professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and health buffs, this technology can more accurately count calories better than any other caloric monitors. According to Windmiller, the rate of sweating is still the best way to gauge how much calories are burned. Ultimately, the data provided to all users can lead to a more enhanced workout.

Without a doubt, Mark Cuban is a man of visions. He sticks by his beliefs, and he definitely knows his craft. It’s about time that someone got a firm grip on the technological steering wheel. The world is now on hyperdrive, and everyone should be continuously looking for ways to improve the lives of people all over the world. Always.

mark cuban smoking a cuban cigar


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