Discover Technology Through Science Museums

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Discover Technology Through Science Museums

If you want to check out the latest and greatest of the scientific and tech world, museums are definitely the way to go. If you are looking for an excavator rental, then you are just one press away from all the details you need.

Do you still remember the times when you needed to go to a museum just to learn the latest and coolest stuff on earth? Now, even when you are living one thousand miles away from the closest science museum, you can still learn the most recent discoveries through a cyber visit to a pool of YouTube channels. In this way, you can see what the museum guests enjoy firsthand when they visit the actual physical place. When you want to join discussions about technology innovation, Facebook or online forums are always capable of opening their doors for you.

Try something different. Instead of going to YouTube channels, try Googling local science museums in your area then try visiting and enjoying what they can offer. Instead of joining online forums, start looking for science events that can allow you to have personal interactions with other science enthusiasts. If you are lucky then you can also talk to renowned scientists. Watching how science work right in front of you is totally different from looking into your personal computers.

Museums of Science!

Boston, Massachusetts

a picture of the Boston Museum from the water

If you are into museums that are interactive, then the Museum of Science is the right place for you. The museum is established in 1830, and they currently hold 700 interactive exhibits. In line with technology, the museum provides the only domed IMAX screen. They also showcase the world’s largest open-air Van de Graaff generator.

The exhibits showcase renewable energies, nanotechnology, machines and transportation displays.

an aerial view of inside the Boston Museum

The museum focuses on displaying the latest technologies on different fields. This kind of setting can allow you to see how different fields in science work together but still function as one integrated concept.

The Tech Museum of Innovation

San Jose, California

The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California.

The Tech Museum of Innovation aligns their exhibit with the theme gizmos and gadgets. It may sound familiar (Little Mermaid, anyone), but the museum has more collections than Ariel.

The museum was pioneered by Valley companies. Established in 1998, it has four major theme galleries that the museum boasts of: communication, exploration, innovation and life tech. To maintain the idea of gizmos and gadgets, the Tech Museum of Innovation showcases exhibits about energy efficiency, customization, exploration and genetics.

A look inside the Tech Museum of Innovation, in San Jose, California.

Majority of their exhibits are interactive, therefore, this can help you experience learning on a personal level. One of their exhibits is called Social Robots. If you want to get involved in building and designing robots, then this is the right place for you. They allow visitors to experience what it feels like to build their own robot.

Another exhibit is called Studio. The Studio enables the guests to visit a workshop space for in-house scientists and developers. This allows the visitors to watch closely how prototypes are made, and the guests can also give immediate questions for the scientists.

Hong Kong Space Museum

Hong Kong

An exterior view of the Hong Kong Space Museum.

From the name itself, Hong Kong Space Museum focuses on showing technological advancement in space science and astronomy. The museum opened its doors in 1980 to show the public how far human space exploration endeavors has been. If you want to experience what it feels like to use technology in light with space science, you better not miss the museum.

A display inside the Hong Kong Space Museum.

The science museum has exhibits and prototypes of the spacecraft used on previous exploration. They also offer science courses like Astronomical Telescope Making. Young Astronaut Training Camp is also one of their programs for the visitors. The objective of the camp is to provide a platform for the young people who wants to become astronauts. This can also encourage others to consider space exploration in their future career.

Pacific Science Center

Seattle, Washington

An external view of the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington.

The Pacific Science Center is a science and technology museum that has eight buildings and two IMAX theaters. If you are interested in discovering research advancement in Pacific Northwest, the museum has the right place for you.

An aerial view of inside the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington.

They have an exhibit called Portal to Current Research. Originally built in 1962, the exhibit now showcases technological advancement and data science by local scientists. You can actually see in the museum all the products they have created in order to bridge the gap between past and future researchers in their area.

Another exhibit relevant to technology is the PasSci360 Movie Booth. You can experience being taken and surrounded by 36 precision-sequenced camera. This can allow you to see a 360-degree frozen-moment film effect.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Shanghai, China

The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Opened in 2001, the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is a science museum that offers thirteen main permanent exhibitions and four science theatres. One of the exhibits is called Light of Exploration. You can witness all the human achievements in science and technology during the 20th century at this certain exhibit.

An exhibit inside the Shanghai Museum

The science museum also showcases World of Robots exhibit. In this part, you can explore what it feels like in the world of robots. You can also witness how humans and robots work together in a certain environment. If you are interested in playing chess against robots, then you can try it here at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. You can also experience playing archery with a robot through the exhibit.

Information Era is another exhibit that focuses on teaching you about information technology. This part of the museum can teach how to distinguish conventional technologies and in what ways are the information technology is applied in practical life through interactive lessons and games.

California Science Center

Los Angeles, California

An external view of the California Science Center.

California Science Center is formerly known as California Museum of Science and Industry when it was established in 1951. The science museum offers four permanent exhibits for their visitors: Ecosystem, Creative World, World of Life and Air and Space Exhibits.

Inside the California Science Center.

If you are interested in exploring innovation in construction, energy and transportation, their exhibits would definitely stir your imagination. In this exhibit, you can experience hand-on activities that can educate you about the said themes. Also, if your interest is under studying life forms, then go for the World of Life. This part enables you observe DNA and other microscopic organisms.

Imagine how much you can discover about science and technology by simply leaving your room, and exploring local science museums. As the old saying goes, learning is beyond outside the four corners of the classroom.

Since the development of information technology through the internet, you might have become one of those who ended up staying at comfort of your home. You cannot grasp and experience science with just watching videos from social media. You cannot see properly how a certain equipment or gadget really works in practical setting with mere reading reviews or testimonies. You have to experience it by yourself.

There is a great world beyond the four walls of your room. Get out. Learn more. Discover more.

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