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What Your iPhone Apps Say About You

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What Your iPhone Apps Say About You

What Your iPhone Apps Say About You

Let’s face it, you love your iPhone. Almost romantically, you dress up your device with protective covers, fancy phone cases, and brand it with your own unique imprints. In fact, you love your iPhone so much you can’t even leave the house without it.

You just can’t even.

iphone at night

In a society where practically everyone’s day begins face-to-face with a mobile device, why wouldn’t you feel compelled to garnish your phone?

Today, each days ends with the silent fading of bright screens that man has somehow mixed into a necessary category of life in an socially acceptable concoction. Since mobile technology has now become an integral part of your daily life, it now has the power to evolve you… into a digital extension of who you are.

And that’s just the thing about evolution — Before you know it, it’s already happening.

In the 21st century, the mobile phone is the new a tell-tale sign of your inner being.  Before, people could tell who you are by what you eat, what you do with your time, and who your friends are. Now, the new answers lie in your technology.

You Are What You App

Whether you like it or not, your iPhone can reveal an impressive amount of who you are based on your apps alone. Here are the most common categories we’ve found.

The Traveler

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One of the major trends in today’s mobile application scene is the use of GPS, or “global positioning system”.

Your phone is filled with navigational applications like Waze and Google Maps to help guide you in your journeys. If you travel internationally, we’re sure you’re aware of the importance of currency conversion, so you probably have apps like Converter Plus and Evernote to keep track of all things you need to remember.

Of course in that mix, you also have UBER, Lyft, or both to help you get from point A to point B with ease.

If you’re one to wine and dine while traveling, you keep apps like FourSquare in your device to help you locate the best places to unwind while away.

What you probably also have is a mean set of photography skills. And we’re not talking the snap-and-go type of skills either… Your photos matter. Your PicsArt and VSCO and Camera+ apps are always on hand for editing. Your keen sense of fun and adventure makes you the kind of person who is fun to be with when everyone decides to go for that once in a lifetime road trip!

The traveler in you simply shows how much you love experiencing life as it comes.

The Productive Businessman (or Woman)

Aside from having Entrepreneur Daily and LinkedIn applications in the quick tabs of your iPhone, you have tons of office apps ranging from Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Excel for you on-the-go financial reports, to HotSchedules for employee scheduling, talent sourcing, and task management.


You’re always on top of everything in your professional life. You simply fancy mobile apps that have anything to do with creating documents, collaborating and analyzing and tracking. Your applications are more likely to be the ones featured or advertised over the web. You open your doors to additional features and updates (even if it costs you more) just to have the next best thing, making your life a little more organized.

You value interactivity, time and presentation so much that you have to make sure everything is within reach. If you company website needs an update, a quick access to the WP Hosting Hub to check out the best options should be a breeze through your iPhone. If you need to keep ALL your lines of communication open, you have Viber, Slack, Blue Jeans and Skype.

The bottom line is you need to be plugged in to your business 24-7.

The Musically Inclined

The world feels much better with your earphones on. Music brings comfort to your soul, and the dazzling lights of your inner mind turns on with its beat and melody. Generally, number one and two on your apps list is Spotify Music and iMusic.

If you’re sentimental type, with your ragged look and free flowing spirit, you might have Tabs and Chords by Ultimate Guitar and Garageband in your list. If you’re the raving, mix and match type of person, you would have something like DJay2 for iPhone or Traktor DJ when creativity takes you.

listenting to music

When the singer’s soul got a hold of you while picking you nest app, you might have landed on SoundCloud, and added it to the list. You keep the passion burning with Sing Karaoke and Songify (both by Smule) to reassure the singer in you.

Through you and your iPhone, the world might just be a little more serene with your passion for music.

The Social Networker

You have an account (or two) in practically on every social media application made by man. Your apps line-up includes the famous Facebook, Twitter and Instagram trio. Add in Snapchat, Viber, Line and WeChat, and you have one big Social Media party!

Just like any other good o’ social media enthusiast, your precious account is vivid alive with photos with the most playful editing to bring in a whole new dimension in your profile picture.

iphone apps

You may confuse yourself as a Traveler because of your love for the digital art. You might have taken it a notch higher – sans the travels. The basic tools of the Traveler pale in comparison with that of the Social Networker. You, as a FB-Twitter-IG fanatic, bring in your online presence to a whole new level. You upgrade with Snapseed and VSCO app. Add the cherry on top with a touch of Afterlight, and you have the perfect social media package.

The Gamer

Gamers simply love gaming applications in the wonderful iOS system. As such, you have a good taste in your games. Your high Clash of Clans level speaks for itself. You have CandyCrush and Stack when you’re bored, Piano Tiles when you need a challenge, and Clash Royale when you feel the need to be a little barbaric.

gaming on iphone

In the digital world you created for yourself, you simply love to be the score leader of the game. True enough, this has made you more focused and witty.  Depending on the type of games you actually have, your gamer persona can have a mix and match of emotions and behaviours. If you are the type of player who goes into gaming gear when bored, then you might be a casual gamer. You are the gamers who just want to kill time as much as you want to kill your next PvP victim.

If you are the kind who plays the popular games with dignity and ample amount of time, then you are the casual gamer. You tend to be a regular in most games and tend to be neutral in real life. You’re still good. You know how to balance reality and the game.

Then there is the gaming addict. You spend your days uncovering the lore behind every game there is on the Appstore. Plus, you love to voice out your thoughts and give reviews to gaming apps on a regular basis.


The ever-evolving era induced by technology is what you are in today. Your phone and the applications you use in it are your voice to the technological era. As you try to utilize these applications in your life, see to it that they cater to your needs as individuals, and provide basis for the things that you actually do in your life.

Ultimately, what you use delivers a rough sketch of who you are. So be it a traveler, a gamer, a social networker, a musician or a businessman, the apps related to them reflects who you are. You can erase them whenever. The thing is you can’t uninstall who you really are.

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