6 Common Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep and Gadgets That Help

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6 Common Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep and Gadgets That Help

Sleeping isn’t easy for some people. In fact, some people find it very hard to sleep, even when their bodies tell them to rest. This is actually a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

If you are one of those people who find it extremely challenging to get a good night’s sleep, you need to find out what is causing your sleeplessness. Learn about the six most common reasons why you can’t sleep.

You Don’t Get Enough Exercise

Many data sets  and research studies have already shown that exercising regularly can help ease anxiety so that you can sleep better. Exercise doesn’t have to be too intense, but also shouldn’t be non-existent. Exercising improves your body’s internal rhythm and can help improve sleep quality. Also, contrary to popular belief, exercising late at night will not disturb your sleep quality.

Your Room Isn’t Dark Enough

It is true that in order to sleep well, your bedroom should be dark enough so that you you are able to relax. Any light, whether it’s from your television, windows, phone, or other device, can affect your ability to sleep well. This is due to that fact that your body reduces its production of melatonin, the hormone that aids in sleep when it senses light around you (even when you’re sleeping). To make your room darker, you should invest in light-blocking window treatments as needed, and shut those electronics off before you go to bed.


Stress is one of the most common reasons you may not be able to sleep. Going to bed with a head full of thoughts about your bad day at work, a tough family situation, or financial stresses can put a huge strain on your ability to get high quality sleep. Here are a few ways to reduce your stress levels so that you can sleep better:


  • Burn off steam by exercising.
  • Keep a journal by your bedside and write out your stressful thoughts to get them off your chest.
  • Meditate, do some light yoga, or try progressive muscle relaxation.
  • Listen to soft music or read a light-hearted book before you go to sleep.



It’s a common problem: you wake up in the middle of the night, usually around the same time as any other night, and think about how much time you have left to sleep before that alarm clock goes off. This is a form of “clockwatching”, and it can result in an unhealthy sleep pattern. The fact that you’re thinking so much about the amount of sleep that you can still get given the time can make you more stressed. You may even end up not sleeping at all.

Distraction from Gadgets

It’s true for many people in this age; checking your phone is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you do before you go to bed. Yes, technology makes lives more efficient, for the most part. However, the problem comes when you can’t sleep well because of your attachment to these devices. Try to stay away from gadgets when you’re about to sleep. This includes your television too, as studies have found that watching television in your bedroom is often a major cause of sleep problems.

Bad Sleeping Pattern

Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day is one of the most important things you can do to establish a consistent sleeping pattern. If you’re accustomed to staying up until the wee hours of the morning on weekends, this can seriously impact your sleep during the rest of the week. Napping at the wrong time may be another reason you can’t sleep well. If you’re a napper, make sure you’re not dozing off for more than 30 minutes at a time. Also, reserve your naps around 3 pm, which is the best time to get a quick snooze in.

These are the most common reasons why you can’t sleep. There are various ways to address each and every one of them – from habit-forming methods to aroma therapeutic treatments. However, when the natural remedies fail, you can turn to more advanced means.

You can go for these gadgets to really help you with your sleep issues. 

Hush Smart Earplugs

Outside noise can be one of your biggest sleep disruptors, especially if you are living in an urban apartment or noisy neighborhood. Traditional earplugs only go so far in blocking out noise, and noise-canceling headphones can be bulky and uncomfortable. Hush Smart Earplug has addressed these concerns by combining the earplug-headphone concept while you play soothing sounds throughout the night. You can set the earplugs to “communicate” with an app that can play up to 15 different sounds to help you doze your way off to perfect sleep.

Sense by Hello

Another practical gadget to help you with your sleep, Sense is designed to rest on your nightstand to monitor the temperature in your room, your own sleep behaviors and noise levels. Gradually, using internal sensors, the device learns your sleep patterns and wakes you up at the optimal time. You then receive a sleep score and tips to improve the quality of your sleep based on the device’s findings.


Since stress is one of the biggest determining factors why people find it hard to sleep, you need find a way to address this mental challenge. This is where DreamPad comes in. It uses psychoacoustic expertise and Intrasound Technology to deliver calming, gentle music that only you can hear. The technology uses the body’s natural conductivity to create a response that helps you fall and stay asleep. You can purchase the device itself or buy pillows that have the technology built in.

My Snoring Solution

The My Snoring Solution is a unique anti-snoring device that is placed around the entire head using stretchable fabric straps. It is intended to keep your mouth comfortably shut to avoid snoring and give you a much more relaxing sleep.

Aaron Creedon, a reviewer of sleeping devices, reviewed it: “overall I found it effective and a good solution to stop snoring.” When Aaron tested it, it helped him overcome snoring: “The strap holds the chin in the same way a hammock would hold something.  By holding the jaw in place throughout the night, this prevents snoring.  Snoring is basically caused when the mouth is open and the tongue slips into the back of the throat.”


As “the first intelligent sleep mask,” Neuroon operates by blocking out light and using a simulated sunrise to wake you naturally. After connecting an app from your phone to this device, it measures your sleep and provides analytics on the amount of REM, light and deep sleep you experience each night. The best thing is that you can put on the mask and indulge in 20 minutes of light-spectrum therapy to readjust your body’s biorhythms if you need a nap during the day.

Aura Connected Alarm Clock

Traditional alarm clocks blare their wake-up call, jarring you from whatever stage of sleep you’re in at the time. The Aura Connected Alarm Clock is a bedside lamp that uses a customized system to wake you up each morning. You can choose an energizing light, or you can go for a more gradual wake-up program that simulates sunrise. This lamp can play your own music or your choice of more than 20,000 web-based radio stations. Additionally, if you have a Spotify playlist, you can wake up to your own tunes as well.

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3 Vintage Gadget Must-haves for Practical Business Owners

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With the advent of new technologies in almost every facet of human living, businesspeople have made it to a point to align their businesses with what’s new to catch up with the trend. This equates to a revamped work place where everything is done faster and on demand. While having newer gadgets at work may prove to be beneficial, it’s no doubt that some of the vintage gadgets are irreplaceable.

If you had experience working for a well-founded company, chances are that you have observed that they prefer to be old-fashioned with regard to their gadgets. Some of these devices may look obsolete for you, but there are reasons why even big and successful companies keep their faith in these aged technologies. Here is a rundown of these antique technologies and the reasons behind why they are still being utilized today.

Keep Connected With Landlines

While having a smartphone today is almost an absolute necessity, companies have always preferred going old school with connected telephone lines. Whether you are self-employed or working for a company, landlines are important.

It is true that smartphones can perform a variety of tasks than landlines, but connected telephone lines prove more consistent in handling business calls. Intercoms intended for indoor communication, make it easier for relaying of information and connecting departments. Landlines used to communicate outside provide more reception than signal-dependent smartphones because these devices are directly connected to telecommunication lines.

There is more to it than just efficiency in handling calls. While mobile phones are handier, these devices are more expensive and may incur extra service provider charges. Telephone bills are uniform, not to mention that you only directly get what you want from a telecoms company in the first place.

Keep the Paper checked with Copy Machines

As printer technology today has advanced to a whole new level, the latest trends like laser printing and high definition outputs are dominating the market today. However, if you want to be more efficient in the long run, purchasing copy machines can do that job for you.

Copy machines have been widely used in the 80’s, but until now, it still provides an easier way to reproduce paperwork. Often times, you would need to produce many copies for a variety of tasks for your business such as for memos and even for advertisement. A copy machine would best fit your needs as most of these devices keep a much more equipped for heavy-duty tasks unlike those produced nowadays. Although some of the printers today are capable of producing photo quality outputs, the expensive ink refill outweighs the advantages.

Even though it may look obsolete, technology giants have acknowledged that copy machines are still part of the essentials for the office. That may be the reason why copy machines are continually having a makeover in the market today.

Get Your Facts Straight with Fax Machines

You don’t need to be an expert to know that fax machines are truly one-of-a-kind inventions especially when it become practically an office must in 1964. With its rich back-story, the fax machine has proven itself to be a constant in any workplace not only because it is a reliable way of communicating graphic information, but also to the security it brings especially to delicate information that is sent over.
The world of the internet may be as green as it gets nowadays, but behind it is a desolated place that hides darkness. This is where forgery, piracy and other illegal matters are handled online. Companies involved in confidential information like banks, law firms, accounting firms and the government utilizes fax machines because it is much more secure to tap than online platforms that are vulnerable for hacking. Faxing is a safe mode of communication that is fast and reliable for the busy workplace

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Unwinding the Complexities: Air Purifier Technology

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Unwinding the Complexities: Air Purifier Technology

Air purifier technologies are not necessarily new to the human lifestyle, since patrons of these innovative devices are reaping the benefits both in the workplace and at home. Now that pollution is present practically anywhere, having an air purifier is evolving to be a necessity in order to keep the air people are breathing safer, thus healthier.

However, as the technology is being reinvented over time, most people are uninformed about how this cutting-edge design actually works. Knowing the machineries that make up air purifiers can help one better appreciate its avant-garde design, and its composition that makes it effective.

Filter Technology

There are a variety of types for air purifiers, and each present unique pros and cons. They are distinguished in types, decided by the filtering technology it uses.

The mostly used type today is called HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Purifiers. Many studies in the industry suggest that it is the best type of air purifier, since it removes up to 99.97% of particles that pass through it. In addition to being the best air purifier for allergies, as well as being used worldwide in medical cleaning rooms, advanced HEPA filters are used by the nuclear power industry because of its efficiency.

Another type of air purifier is the Ionizing Purifier. This type of purifier makes use of a method called corona discharge in order to generate ions.The corona discharge’s small yet intense electrical field can make molecules either positively or negatively charged. Although it only removes 30% of particles in the air, the advantage is that it does not need air filter replacement.

There are also Ozone Generators that alter oxygen molecules into ozone, deodorizing and disinfecting the air around it, making it free from bacteria and other microorganisms.

Complementary Technologies

Since filter processes is not limited to a single stage, there are other technologies that manufacturers use to improve their product in terms of performance. One good example is the pre-filter. Even though HEPA filters have a large number of pleats to maximize their surface area, they can fill up quickly if larger particles are not pre-filtered out. A pre-filter captures the largest particles before they reach the more expensive HEPA filter. Most of the particles in air are large particles like dander and dust, not tiny ones like pollens and microbes.

Elements like activated carbon, zeolite, or potassium permanganate are added to air purifier filters to increase efficiency to the filtering system. These elements work to absorb smoke, gases, chemicals, and odors that are present in the air.

Ultraviolet light (UV) technology is key to neutralizing viruses and bacteria that accumulate in air purifier filters. It is important to use the UV technology in combination with HEPA air filters and possibly activated carbon.

Assessing the best Technology that fits

The best kind of purifier actually depends on the need of the aspiring user. As these technologies are continually being improved, people may have a hard time assessing what they need.

It boils down to various factors that need to be considered.

Atop the list is checking for performance. It is advisable to look for a unit that removes a high amount of particles from the air, including smaller-sized pieces. The next thing to consider is the air volume capacity of the device. It is best to look for a unit that fits your room size so it would not be a problem on your spacing.

Since air purifiers also differ in the type of molecules they filter, it is best to evaluate what particular substances to be removed. Purifiers can filter smoke, germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms in the air.

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4 Unpopular Gadgets or Inventions that are Extremely Useful

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4 Unpopular Gadgets or Inventions that are Extremely Useful

Technology is so good nowadays – you can do almost anything with your phone or on your computer. There are thousands of different kinds of gadgets that you can use to help you every day. However, there are those unpopular gizmos that nobody talks about: for example, do you know that there is a Stick and Find adhesive object that you can stick to anything (like car keys or the remote control) so you can find it?

The saying, “whatever you need, there’s a gadget that can do it” is almost a reality in this modern age. Here are some of these cool gadgets that you probably haven’t heard of yet but are really helpful for your daily life.

Stick and Find Stickers

Looking for your keys might be the hardest thing to do in the morning – especially when you’re on a rush to go to school or to work. Most people have the same problem, but not everyone knows the simple answer. Some inventors probably had the same problem when they were younger, and so they found out a solution: Stick and Find Stickers (StickNFind).

StickNFind is an indoor location beacon tag, allowing users to stick a locator for objects that they want to find. It’s a pretty simple device: stick it to any of your items, install the app on your phone, and voila! The app maps out the location of the said item. StickNFind Stickers are only 0.16 Inches (4.1mm) thin. With a compatible size, StickNFind Tracker can be easily stuck on to many items.

Virtual Keyboard

For people who are always on the go, they find having a tablet or a mobile phone very helpful while working because they can do their job almost anywhere they want. However, most computer-related tasks require someone to type a lot – and just relying solely on the touch keyboard on your gadget could be too inefficient in terms of productivity. Thankfully, there is a simple solution. Lo and behold, virtual keyboards.

CTX Virtual Technologies’ VK200, for example, can project a keyboard on any flat surface. These aren’t the physical keyboards that you can see every day, the keys are just projected by superior optic technology on any flat surface. The projected keys can now be pressed as if they were just keyboards. Very handy, very convenient, and very tech savvy for people who work on the go.

Whole House Air Purifiers

Your home is not safe from pollution, or other air-borne health hazards that can bug you and your family without you even noticing. In reality, indoor air could be unclean enough to aid allergies for you or your family members. Some people take for granted how important indoor air quality is, especially for those with lingering lung or allergy problems. Because of this, whole house air purifiers have been invented for everyone to use.

The most recommended by allergists prescribing an allergen avoidance regimen is for a family to have an indoor air purifier, like IQAir’sHealthPro series. Air purifiers directly tackle the problem of indoor air polluted by a host of irritants, including dust mite allergen, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, VOCs, smoke, and other toxic fumes.

Hydrophobic Coatings

It’s too much of a hassle for white-colored clothing, or shoes, or bags to get wet. Luckily, the trend of having hydrophobic coatings have caught on for innovators. Though the technology is not much talked about, one of the most useful inventions we have today are these hydrophobic coatings like Neverwet.

Hydrophobic coatings aren’t just used to prevent getting wet: they are actually invented to solve problems that loom from important household appliances, fixtures, or any other personal items. Water is often detrimental to materials when their surface becomes penetrated by moisture, such as metal surfaces that corrode or wood that degrades. Liquids can also harm electrical equipment (motors and switches) and cause them to fail. This is how important hydrophobic coatings are.

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8 Must-have Home Devices

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8 Must-have Home Devices

As modern technology continues to advance, more and more gadgets are being invented to make people’s lives a lot easier and more convenient. These modern tools are truly extraordinary as they really can help you solve day to day dilemmas.

Below are the most unconventional, hi-tech tools and devices that you may find useful at home.

Clocky Robotic Alarm

Admit it. You really have the need for an alarm that can outsmart and wake you instantaneously during lazy Monday mornings. Well, don’t fret because Clocky can make you run around the room before you can turn it off. This smart alarm clock runs away and hides as it continues to beep until you get off your bed. You can no longer snooze and go back to bed. Clocky is here to make sure that you will never be late for an appointment ever again.

ecobee3 Smarter WiFi Thermostat

If you live in a larger household, having a WiFi thermostat like the ecobee3 can be much more convenient. Just install and leave it. It automatically “learns” your preferences and schedule. It would then adjust the temperature in your house accordingly. Their very presence would probably make you more conscious about saving energy.The device itself is a bit pricey, though, but having them around your house gives you full control over the temperature in different rooms around your house.

August Smart Lock

Basically, the August Smart Lock lets you remotely control a door lock. Keys have never been particularly complicated, but the Smart Lock looks sleek, offers a hassle-free installation process, and, unlike similar devices, it goes over your deadbolt instead of replacing it entirely. Plus, the coolest feature of it is that it allows you to have your door open, closed, and locked without you touching the device!

EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System

EnviroKlenz is equipped with hospital-grade technology to provide maximum air cleaning efficiency for your home and office. EnviroKlenz-Air Mobile combines certified HEPA filtration together with patented EnviroKlenz-Air Cartridge that filters airborne pollen, dust, odors, mold, gases, fragrance, VOCs, allergens, bacteria, and more! This technological advancement makes it the best air purifier in the market today.

Water Shade

This unconventional device is called “Water Shade” for a very good reason. Its task is to keep a shield of water around the food it is sworn to protect. It’s both a dish and a cover, working with water to keep freshness in and everything larger than oxygen out! Designer Yitu Wang made this cool gadget with a built in sensor that detects your hand in approach. Only then would the shield of water disappear!


Transparent TV

Combining conventional LCD and the latest TOLED display technology, the transparent TV designed by Michael Friebe of Loewe AG is indeed a marvelous piece of technology. This device allows you to create non-transparent and solid moving pictures with rich color reproduction and full contrast range from solid black to pure white.

Floor Plan Light Switch

Are you the type of person that always forgets which light switch is the switch for which light? Taewon Hwang came with the great idea of creating a master light switch with a simple design that shows you what lights you are turning on or off. Simply tap on the layout of the floor plan displayed on the switch to turn on or off the light on a specific area in your house.

The Smart Touch Refrigerator

The handle of the Smart Touch refrigerator has a built-in biometric sensor that has the ability to detect who is opening the fridge door. The food stored inside the fridge is then tagged to the people who put them there in the first place. Projectors on each food tray display ‘time stamps’ when you open the door. These stamps show the “owner” of the food, and by what time must it be consumed.

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Rice to Dry Your Wet iPhone

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Rice to Dry Your Wet iPhone

“Help I’ve dropped my iPhone in water!”

Ouch. It sounds painful doesn’t it? If you have dropped your iPhone into a pool of water (sink, toilet, pool, pond), it can be difficult to know what to do next. Most people turn to Google and search ‘what to do if you’ve dropped your iPhone in water’. Doing this will bring up a multitude of articles (including this one) that tell you how to treat a water damaged iPhone – this is good. You’ll find that 90% of them suggest placing the iPhone into a container filled with uncooked rice to dry overnight – this is bad.

Why would drying your phone in a bowl of rice do it any harm? Here are 4 reasons why you should not use rice to dry a wet iPhone.


1. Don’t believe the hype

Uncooked rice is not that good an absorbent. In a study completed by Gazelle, different household products were tested against each other to see which was best at absorbing water. They compared seven different absorbing agents:

  • Uncooked rice
  • Instant rice
  • Crystal cat litter
  • Silica gel packets
  • Instant oatmeal
  • Classic oatmeal
  • Couscous

Uncooked rice was actually found to be the worst agent for absorbing moisture. It absorbed the least amount of water in a 24-hour period, thus trumping the myth that uncooked rice is a good desiccant.

2. A false sense of security

All the rice method does is delay proper treatment. While your wet phone is submerged under a bed of rice, water will dry on the electrical board inside leaving residue around the connectors. This will cause lasting damage to the phone if left untreated and puts your data at risk. Even if the phone turns on after 24-72 hours in the rice, the damage will still be there. Lasting water damage in your iPhone will shorten its life expectancy and cause it to perform poorly after about four to six months.

3. Those grains get everywhere!


Many users have found problems with faulty headphone and charger ports after drying their phone in rice (seriously, it happens more than you’d think). Many times, grains or even fragments of grains can get caught in these ports, or around the microphone. It’s extremely difficult to remove rice from inside an iPhone without damaging other components. Fixing it could actually harm the port and cost you quite a bit to repair. Your iPhone’s warranty does not cover external objects that get stuck inside your iPhone.

4. Things rice won’t fix

As mentioned before, the rice doesn’t absorb the water on the inside of the phone and that’s where the real problem lies. The real aim when drying your iPhone is to displace the water from the board, so that is doesn’t touch the electrical components inside. Water damage causes staining and corrosion. This can be fixed only when you take the phone apart and clean the internals. Isopropyl alcohol can be used to do this (more details on this below).

The Right Way to Save a Wet iPhone or Android

So now that you know what not to do when you drop your smartphone in water, let us tell you how to go about fixing it the right way!

Don’t let it drown

It’s vitally important to remove the phone from water as soon as you can! Most times the amount of damage the phone attains, really does depend on the amount of time it spent in water.

While this may be a more frightening task for those of you that dropped your phone it the toilet, it’s necessary if you have any hope of saving your phone and it’s data.

Don’t let it fry


This is important – don’t turn it on and do not charge it. As you know, water and electricals are, and always will be mortal enemies. If your phone falls into water while it is switched on, it can short circuit. That being said, once you retrieve it from the water, turn it off right away. If the power button is broken or it’s a black screen and the lock button isn’t working, have no fear. There are many ways you can quickly turn off your phone to avoid causing more damage.

Trust the experts

While there are a lot of quick fix options out there, you should really get your phone to a professional right away and get it expertly treated. The methods you can find online can help in the interim (and some help you complete the task just like the experts), but it’s always better to be safe than sorry, in my opinion. Taking it to an expert can make sure all of the water is gone and your data is safe.

If you are not 100% sure the water is completely out of your phone, it will have a shorter life expectancy, and will not be able to withstand any physical knocks or little bumps months down the line.

Give it a try?

Fancy a challenge? If you would like to fix your water damaged iPhone yourself, I commend you my friend as I am not the DIY type (I’m sure it’s not as hard as I think it is). As previously mentioned, there are a lot of great sites out there that will help you fix your water damaged phone, but these from Gazelle and iFixit are two of the best. After running their tests to determine which household product absorbs the most water, Gazelle determined that the first thing someone should do is to shake out the phone to remove some of the water. Then, to make sure the water doesn’t ruin the phone from the inside, opening up the phone and leaving it in front of a fan is the best way. iFixit’s article takes things a little further to ensure you can save your phone. Spoilers – you will need a Philips screwdriver, a toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol.

The Backup Plan


While methods you can find online may work perfectly fine and experts can bring almost everything back from the brink of the technology graveyard, a backup plan is never a bad idea. If you dropped your phone in the ocean, didn’t save your phone quick enough, couldn’t bare to reach into the toilet to save your tie to the rest of the world, or the phone saving methods just didn’t work for you; have no fear! If Facebook and Snapchat have taught us anything it’s that data is never completely gone.

If you lost your phone or it’s water damaged beyond repair, you can still access your data. There are many data recovery tools out there that can help you in this moment of crisis. Your pictures, videos, texts, WhatsApp messages and so many other file types are not lost forever. Without your phone you can extract your data from backup files, and if you have your phone you can use the software to extract your data from the device (just make sure it’s dry first).

Some recovery tools offer software that you need to buy, but there are also many free options as well. Just remember – while smartphones are pricey, they can be replaced. Your memories are priceless (and can be saved)!

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