Techie Tips: 3 Computing Technologies for Ecommerce

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Techie Tips: 3 Computing Technologies for Ecommerce

As the trend of various businesses moves towards offering their products and services online, electronic commerce, or more simply known as ecommerce, is making an impact that is felt in virtually all industries. Not only has it shaped a new landscape in regard to how transactions and trade are performed, but it is continuing to be one of the most convenient approaches to taking away the ‘distance’ factor for businesses.


Truly, it can be confidently said that it is the future of the economy. For this reason, many businessmen are finding themselves riding a new trend, as a significant number of companies have already migrated online and are now reaping all the benefits.

Then again, with all these great perks and advantages, a revolutionary digital tool has presented a much more demanding and competitive market in all industries it has touched. As such, small and medium enterprises (SME’s) have taken the risk and have jumped on the bandwagon together with much bigger businesses towards a much more expansive online arena.

In this business playing field, any player who is brave enough can learn, earn and grow as they present their products and services through the internet. Nowadays, it is just a matter of who makes the important steps to achieve more traction and audience. While technology remains the key in practically all business, ecommerce serves as that one big step to the next level. In this regard, it is important to take note of these three computing technologies that can and will raise the bar for ecommerce in the global market.

Good CMS, Better Business

Most guides would declare that any aspiring ecommerce business should first create a limited liability company or LLC. As the name implies, an LLC provides a business with limited liability in case the owner is sued. Unlike a sole proprietorship, an LLC is a legal entity separate from the business owner. In other words, if someone sues the business, or one of the employees, the owner’s personal assets are protected.


The next step is to set-up the business as usual. Setting up the paper work such as opening a business checking account, putting a trademark on one’s intellectual property and getting tax permits get the ball rolling. After that, it is integral to check the competition and produce new ideas to be something newer and more different.

The last important step is to tap into the virtual market through online tools, such as creating a virtual presence with a website. In this regard, choosing the right content management system or CMS is the best way to go.

A content management system or CMS is a software application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content. CMS’s are typically used for enterprise content management (ECM) and web content management (WCM). In other words, a CMS is an ecommerce solution that helps ecommerce businesses expand their audience by tools such as social media integration and SEO tools.

Content management systems are intended to help one’s business expand and grow to the upper niche. While simple web creation software can help an owner get a quick, informational site up, CMS software helps business owners to incorporate important eCommerce tools, such as shopping carts and point-of-sale systems.

One can also incorporate a customized help desk, live chat and inventory management. The best content management systems can track affiliate income including ad clicks on the site and third-party vendors that sell products.

The most prominent names in the CMS department only come down to two, namely: volusion and Shopify.

This volusion vs shopify era has been a game changer for ecommerce because they always aim to provide the better services and add-ons to their patrons. As such , it is important that an owner be informed on what factors should be noted of.

Looks Sell: Webmaster Coding and Design

One of the primary functions of content management software is basic web creation. Most CMS programs come with traditional web-building tools and features, traditionally known as add-ons, so an owner can quickly upload a professional, working webpage, then develop it with more in-depth functions and tools later. Some features that are important for a CMS to include are a blog, wiki, discussion forms and other user-contribution features.

Although CMS’s already provide templates and utilities in which an owner can design his or her website, it is imperative that ecommerce professionals up the ante with regard to the appearance of their sites. The golden rule of business and advertising is that looks sell. In the online business world, one’s website represents the owner’s character and professionalism, whether people would trust him or her with their purchases. More often than not, the one that looks better sells more.


For this reason, it is important for business owners to acknowledge the need for professional expertise in this matter. One significant step towards achieving a good presence online is by hiring an expert coder or web designer. These professionals are equipped with the right programming knowledge that can help owners to customize their websites according to their preferences. In this way, businesspeople are more hands-on with their business, setting up their websites in a way that not only pleases their customers, but also pleases themselves.

Overall, web code experts or webmasters are very specific in giving customers a good experience in the site by following specific goals and guidelines. They recognize that it is extremely important to keep usability in mind and not sacrifice it just for the sake of appearance.

Add Sales with Online Ads

CMS also gives patrons a valuable amount of add-ons with regard to advertising tools, such as social media viewership and Search Engine Optimization. However, the bigger question lies whether it is sufficient to get a wider audience. Stepping up in using online advertising is a viable option to do just that. Online advertising is one of the most effective ways for businesses of all sizes to expand their reach, find new customers, and diversify their revenue streams.

With so many options available – from PPC and social media boosts to webpage ad display and in-app ads – online advertising can be intimidating to newcomers, but it does not have to be. Many establishments now offer services to boost online presence and sell more. Paid search – also known as pay-per-click advertising or PPC – is one of the most common and effective types of online advertising.


Paid search allows one to bid on relevant terms and phrases that may cause text-based ads to be displayed to users when they enter specific search queries into search engines. These terms and phrases are known as keywords, and they form the basis of PPC advertising. Advertisers bid on keywords as part of an ad auction. This ensures that all advertisers have a fair chance of their ads being displayed to users, rather than those with the biggest advertising budgets.

Keywords should be highly relevant to the owner’s business, organized and structured into logical ad groups separated by campaign type, and aligned with the correct match type in order to be displayed to the right visitors, at the right time, for the right campaign.

While paid search may have transformed internet advertising, paid social is transforming the web of tomorrow. Social networking remains the most popular virtual hub for adults all over the world, and advertisers have evolved their strategies to target consumers where they spend their time, namely on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Paid social advertising functions similarly to paid search, with the notable exception that advertisers, not users, take the initiative – advertisers must “search” for users, rather than the other way around.

One of the greatest strengths of paid social advertising is the granularity with which advertisers can target prospective customers, and this principle underpins many social advertising platforms and products. Advertisers can target users with hundreds of parameters, from demographic data (such as age, gender, income, level of education, and marital status) to browsing preferences and social behavior.

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A Game of Phones: Mobile Brands in Westeros

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A Game of Phones: Mobile Brands in Westeros

As always, it’s quite exciting to see what will unfold in the current season of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Presently in its sixth season, the medieval-themed fantasy based on George R.R Martin’s novels took television by storm when it first aired in 2011. And now, it’s on a relentless charge towards its highest ratings since its debut.

daenerys targaryen with a baby dragon on her shoulder

Game of Thrones (or GoT for those who are fond of abbreviation) is a fictional manifestation highlighting what people will do for power, as well as an in-depth look into human psychology. Strikingly characterized by a mix of sex, nudity, violence, adventure, and gore, the book adaptation has captivated a huge, worldwide audience. With a dose of hierarchical and feudal conflict, the series generates impressivley powerful dramas in its storyline. Each family in the GoT world wants the absolute power to reign and rule over the others. It doesn’t get much more dramatic than that.

Come to think of it, this awe-inspiring fiction has a striking resemblance to real human history. According to the books, human societies have been built around the never ending battle for power and rule. In today’s world, huge corporations have built their strongholds in order to dominate the Earth’s inhabitants (perhaps not quite as dramatic as that, but you get the point!)

Companies constantly look at other companies in order to compare their strengths and weaknesses. Their need to be more advanced than each other in practically every aspect has grown at an exponential rate. Smaller companies get in on the “battle”, too, by constantly comparing the goods and services that we use every day. I came upon a great example of this while looking for new options for hosting my wordpress blog the other day: good WordPress hosting comparison. An article that, to some people, might seem mundane is actually a vivid example of the constant back and forth between “warring” companies.

It can certainly be said that the 21st century has become witness to the constant battle of computers, gadgets and mobile devices. The technological revolution has simply created a modern form of an old conflict.

game of thrones symbols

Having that established, the war-filled setting of the world of Westeros seems all too familiar. Entire families being exiled. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.. It’s a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

Similarly, when a big mobile company begins to die out, a smaller company might realize its luck and decide to capitilize on the situation. It’s almost as if it’s…. a Game of Phones? I know, I cringed even while writing it, but bear with me.

The Starks: Microsoft

“Winter is Coming” utters the wardens of the North. The Starks are an old and hardy family. Their stony disposition has earned them a name in the world of Westeros. They may have made many friends, but they have made more enemies. Then again, they probably knew that would happen from the beginning.

a meme of eddard stark

Microsoft has been in both the top and bottom of the mobile arena in recent years. Being one of the super powers in the computer world in the last decade, it has undoubtably been an arduous climb to the coveted top of the list in the mobile scene. Microsoft has launched the Windows Phone in 2010 to target the expanding mobile market, but problems have paved a painful path along the way. As the Starks try to keep themselves afloat, Microsoft is trying to do the same.

The brand has expended a large amount of money and effort to introduce and market the Microsoft Lumia series, but have had a hard time gaining the total success they were hoping for.

It seems to be fate that winter has come for Microsoft (at least for their mobile phone branch.)

The Greyjoys: Sony

In the distant lands of Pyke lie the great and proud Greyjoys. Having been in existence for many years, the family controls a sizable naval force that boasts warships of different sizes, ready to seize and control the seas. Their problem: their opponents fight on the mainland. The same can be said for Sony.

The company is, obviously, one of the big players in the market for other electronic devices, but they actually fall short in terms of mobile phones. Sure, they do have the Sony Xperia, one of the highest performing phones on the market today.

a lineup of four sony phones

When it comes to to carving out a swathe of land in Westeros, however, the Greyjoys lack the land power needed. In the same way, Sony lacks advertisement in other parts of the world where they could have potentially sold more.

In today’s competitive corporate scene, the better the advertisement, the better the sales. Unfortunately for them, their ads have led them astray.

The Arryns: ZTE

When ZTE exploded in the market, one could say that they managed to do relatively well in sustaining their brand. The industry would show that they actually did a magnificent job in the beginning. Upon closer inspection, however, ZTE seems to be playing a little too safe.

The Arryn’s of the Vale are the same way. The family is a major-name house with the Eyrie as their stronghold. They choose to be surrounded by the mountains which keep them secure. The family and their knights have become comfortable and archaic. The same goes for ZTE.

ZTE may have the upper edge on its wireless solutions versus its competitors, but their mobile design is not as exciting and user-engaging as their powerful competitors.

The Arryn words “As high as honor” is an ironic description of the company.

The Martells: LG

Dwelling in the deserts of Sunspear, the Martells are a family with exoticism imbued into their name. They are bold, passionate, and adventurous, much like what LG is striving to be at the moment.

LG’s latest venture on the mobile scene is manifested with the LG V10, competing in the market with its high end Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 Processor and backed with 4GB RAM. Thanks to their avid advertising, the company has interacted with a wider audience than ever before.

a meme of a game of thrones character

In the United States alone, the new mobile device has drawn a large crowd, selling a whopping 450,000 in 45 days after its launch.

Hear it clear, hear it loud! “Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken.”

The Tullys: Huawei

The lords of the Riverrun pride themselves on swimming across the current, all the while ensuring that they protect their family, duty and honor. Backed by its P9 Plus and seamless design, Huawei apparently intends to swim across the current as well.

Huawei ranked 5th in the most popular and best selling mobile devices today – and for a good reason. It may come as a surprise that they established themselves as such. One word: partnerships. Like the partnership of the Tullys and the Starks, the company has perfected the art of collaborations in the field of telecommunications. In fact, both its services and products have been sold in over 140 countries because they currently attend 45 of the world’s 50 largest telecom operations on the globe.

Now that’s a fruitful marriage!

The Tyrells: Lenovo

The Tyrell’s have a huge amount of wealth. Their family resides in High Garden in the lands of the Reach, where bountiful harvests have made them extremely prosperous. They never stop increasing their power, because they use these resources to strengthen their army. For that, they receive a great amount of respect among the people of Westeros.

Lenovo shares the same amount of wealth as the Lords of High Garden. Known for their large scale computer brand all over the world, Lenovo has now targeted the mobile arena with vicious intent – and they are not stopping. Since 2011, the brand has made a shuffle within the mobile business. Ranked 4 in the world for sales in the mobile division, this company is actually the largest personal computer vendor based on total unit sales. Not to mention landing Kobe as one of their advertisers.

Lenovo’s latest venture, the Lenovo K900, is a testament to their relentless drive to be at the top of the food chain. Refined and powerful with its Dual Core Intel Atom processor and 5.5” HD display, the mobile company is focusing on yet another reshuffle on the world rankings.

Now that’s ‘Growing strong’, indeed!

The Lannisters: Apple

The Lannister’s of Casterly Rock play a major role in most of the conflicts in the world of Westeros, and that’s for good reason. The influential family has the power of significant wealth mined from the depths of the lands they call home.

SE stands for samsung ending meme

Tim Cook’s Apple has dominated the mobile arena. The magnificent brand has penetrated the technological scene in a multitude of ways, rooting from its innovative designs and even more innovative way of advertising. Thanks to an effective synergy within the company, the brand has landed number 2 in world sales (just below Samsung).

Apple’s latest product line, the iPhone SE, solves the demands for a cheaper iPhone to be sold mostly in third world countries. The latest Apple offering creates a wide range of possibilities with its A9 Chip processor with retina display and a camera that suits the exquisite brand.

a lineup of iPhones

The words of the Lannister’s, “hear me roar”, fits perfectly with the mobile phone giants endless possibilities.

The Baratheons: Samsung

The lord of the Stormlands, the Baratheons have fought with grit to retake the Iron Throne. With their explosive and warring behavior, it is only suitable to have them as the rulers of Westeros. “Ours is the fury”, they like to say.

apple who? GoT meme

Samsung displayed the same kind of fury when it toppled Apple as the king of the mobile world. The heated rivalry caused the company to reinvent themselves over and over, using different technologies to finally outsell their number one competitor. As part of their reinvention scheme, the number 1 ranked brand in sales released its latest venture called Samsung S7 Edge . The product features a high-powered Octacore processor and a 12MP camera with water proof 5.1” Flat Quad HD Display which, by most accounts, is the best in the market as of late.

samsung headquarters

On its first month of release, the new Samsung mobile phone, fronted by the latest Android OS, has outsold Apple by a huge disparity in Asia and Europe. Not to mention outselling its previous S6 model. The phone was projected by many mobile users to “smash expectations” in the coming months.


The world of GoT has been a trending topic over the course of its existence. Each episode in the sixth season creates an extension of reality as they test the patience of each fan around the globe. The same thrilling encounter can be felt when these giant phone companies fight over the mobile market for supremacy.

The world is now merely a witness to the Game of Phones.

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How Famous Car Brands Market Their Products

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How Famous Car Brands Market Their Products

How Famous Car Brands Market Their Products

Since 1886, automobiles have been evolving side by side with humans. Cars have the ability to change (whether for the better or for worse) and impact how people live, communicate, and run their communities. As the human population grows, car assembly lines pump up the process to catch up with the demand. Thanks to the speed of technology, the transportation culture continues to evolve and will never been the same.

how famous car brands market their products

The dynamic changes throughout history have created a seemingly harmless concern. Which car in the market is the best one to buy? Is it the one that consumes less fuel? Should the add-on features be one of the deciding factors in the purchase? Is the overall engine performance the only consideration in giving in to the call of the engine?

Competitor after competitor, car companies have learned to deal with the erratic demand for their precious product. They have learned to dance with the economy’s S-curve and take the best step to keep the business running. In spite of being a relatively more expensive product as compared to other necessities, cars bring the exquisite combination of luxury and function in one metallic package.

To justify the continuous and unending demand (and eventual purchase) of automobiles, car companies spend a significant sum of money to market their prime items. Each car sold includes a vibrantly crafted smidgen of advertising embedded in every panel, screw, and weld in the vehicle. It is as if the trade off for the price is to prepare the owner to a cash for cars deal with the local the junkyard.

a teal car on a green screen background

Whatever value a buyer could see in a car, the big companies have to match this value. They then have to promote the car, and connect it persuasively to the buying public. If executed well, a single sale can snowball into a financial foundation for massive spearheads in the automotive industry. These brands’ creative abilities in their marketing strategies cannot be denied.

How do the world leaders in car production connect to the billions of potential drivers of their products? Run like a steed, and move side by side with the leading car manufacturers to learn how famous car brands market their products.

General Motors

General Motors, also known as General Motors Corporation, is gradually making a comeback from the previous years when it almost had to tap out from the automobile industry. 2014 was big year for GMC when its sales rose 2 percent from the previous year. Thanks to a consistent increase in demand from North America, GMC and its other brand cohorts are set to create a higher rate of increase in their sales.

a general motors corporation photo with popular cars in a half-circle lineup

The Industry Drive

2009 was a tough year for GMC overall. That year showcased the almost-fall of a long-standing car company when the market saw a different trend in the automobile industry and turned their backs from GMC. In spite of the industrial hurdle, they were able to stand back up and create a historic recovery.

After GM filed for bankruptcy, they eventually got back into action after they let the U.S and Canada assist them in steering the company’s wheel back on track. This put them in the right gear and prepared them to continue on serving the billions of people wanting their trucks and other high-grade vehicles.

Though there may still be market loopholes in the international scene, General Motors still retained the recognition as one of the leading automobile companies in the world. Just like other mobile moguls, they still have some hurdles to jump over since the competition is still at a high level. It’s still a plus that they hold America’s well-known car brands such as Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac, and Saturn under their belt.

The Marketing Connection

General Motor’s brand boasts of its cars’ precision technology and high-end, sleek finish. This is evident in the well-structured exterior and luxurious interior in all of their products. Cranking the hood open, the car exudes a system that matches the demands of every professional in need of a competitively performing mechanism.

a grid displaying where the baseball is to be thrown in a professional baseball game

The message GM relays in its marketing endeavours is clear. They are the company to go to when the driver wants a worry-free experience on the road. Just like a CEO – When plans are crystal clear, the execution is undeniably cut-throat and guaranteed. Similar to the feel in every marketing attack of the company. Every action is “done greatly.” Precision matters.

When the going gets tough, their vehicles are ready to adjust and take on the challenges of the real world. They are both ready and perfectly able to reinvent. 


Volkswagen has a powerful sustainability that rocked the automobile industry in 2015. Neck and neck with the leader in global automakers, the German car manufacturer has an impressive sales run in one of the biggest international markets of vehicles – China. In spite of the dip in their performance in North America, they still retain a significant share in the industry.

The Industry Drive

Volkswagen Group has faced a rather widespread systemic issue with regard to the manufacturing of their vehicles. As one of the biggest European car manufacturers, Volkswagen is yet to keep their spot steady. The world-wide scandal that enveloped the industry is the software embedded in the vehicle that causes a variation in the reading of the vehicles’ emission tests.

a blue volkswagen jetta in front of a splashing beach with a mountainous background

By industry standards, if proven true, it is a big deal to manipulate the actual output of a vehicle. In this situation, the intricate process is directed in some of the diesel-engine cars they manufactured. According to the review, the elaborate system affects the result in determining whether the vehicle is indeed an eco-friendly product. Definitely, this issue may result into very expensive consequences.

With all this ruckus in recent years, Volkswagen is still in control of a rather expansive collection of car brands which includes: Bentley, Audi, Porsche, and even Lamborghini. The problems the company has been facing turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Luxury cars are eventually lined up to merge with VW. Furthermore, the demand for their commercial line of vehicles adds to the improving performance of the Germany-based automobile developer.

The Marketing Connection

Volkswagen plays with the innate desire of humans to sing, dance, and relate to the sound of music. Almost, if not all, advertisements of VW incorporates a catchy tune. Perhaps practically all industry advertisements keep a few background notes to keep their promotional clip alive. However, the German carmakers makes sure that their tunes have a powerful recall. They are willing to go the extra mile to utilize the existing association of the songs to the value they are proposing to the audience.

a guy test driving a volkswagen

The associative recall of these songs create a psychological trigger once the familiar vehicle comes an individual’s way. Add in the childhood game of all ages, generations, and cultures – the Play Punch Buggy, and the complete marketing package can seal a car purchase effortlessly. This strategy definitely plays with the natural phenomenon of linking the past and the present, creating a favorable future for the car company.


Leading the pack of the top car manufacturers is Toyota Motors. The Japan-based car developers have been consistent with their annual sales performance, allowing them to bag the top rank among the favored vehicles. Though Yen creates negative implications to the world-wide sales of the company, their revenue margins surpass that of the other known car brands. This action proves their desire to establish an unrelenting grip in the global vehicle-market.

The Industry Drive

The impressive track record of the company was grounded by their consistent evolution to cater to the needs of a market segment. Since the decline in the world-wide car industry in 2008, they kept on adjusting and adapting to the fragile industry market by executing accurately targeted marketing strategies that create the demand for the best product and service in specific key areas. This perfect example of market adaptability led to their demographics and territorial expansion. Their results definitely match their vision to create a steady and consistent growth in sales in North America, Asia and Europe.

However, the challenges proved to be a bit too much for the company. Too much too fast turned out to be a source of substandard output. This eventually entailed drastic losses and unfortunate legal implications. At the end of the day, their numbers worked for them, and created a more stable foundation for the company as they hold onto the the top spot in the industry.

The Marketing Connection

Toyota’s marketing strategy embodies their adaptability and flexibility to the human needs. This is highly evident in the theme of their advertisements – human touch. It is the perfect message to let people know that Toyota is built by people who take care of people. Very relatable. Very cozy.

a new toyota ch-r showcased in silver on a black, lit background

An easy set-up to conveniently sway the buyers in their favor.

Human touch not only creates a kinesthetic value to the audience. They also tap onto the emotions of the consumers. Strong emotions create strong impulses. From comic relief and blissful ambience, to sexual tension and maddening scenarios, the psyche is sent to a roller coaster ride which stops at the doorsteps of a Toyota showroom.

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